L’Eagle Services Earns Clean Green Certification

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DENVER (January 9, 2018) – As cannabis consumers begin to differentiate between quality product and the rest of their product selections, L’Eagle Services— a cannabis cultivator and retail dispensary specializing in clean cannabis — is now offering its clients
Clean Green Certified cannabis flower and infused products they can count on.
L’Eagle Services prides itself on sustainable cultivation methods rooted in organic agricultural best practices. In addition to its own completely clean cultivation practices, L’Eagle has recently achieved Clean Green Certification. Following a stringent application
process and ongoing on-site inspections L’Eagle Services has been licensed as Clean Green Certified, and now those products are on the shelves.
“L’Eagle was founded on the basic principle that the cannabis we put into our bodies should have the same standards as the food we consume,” said Amy Andrle, co-owner, L’Eagle Services. “While it is not possible to label
any cannabis product as ‘organic’, Clean Green Certified is the next best option. We have worked hard to offer our clients this distinction and peace of mind. We have always believed in going the extra mile to ensure the health and quality of our products
and we know our clients depend on that.”
Clean Green Certified is the only nationally recognized third-party cannabis certification program and the No. 1 certifier nationwide for cannabis cultivated using sustainable, natural and organically based practices. The
program was created in 2004 by Chris Van Hook, a USDA accredited organic certifier, as a way to regulate legal cannabis products that were labeled “organic.” The initiative is modeled on the USDA National Organic Program, and it covers crops other than marijuana.
“The Clean Green Certified seal validates what we’ve been practicing here at L’Eagle since we opened our doors in 2010,” said founder John Andrle. “This seal provides consumers with greater confidence that their cannabis
products were grown, processed, handled, stored, packaged, labeled and distributed using standards and procedures based on national and international guidelines for organic, sustainable farming and food handling.”
In its cultivation facility, L’Eagle utilizes organic agricultural best practices and subscribes to an integrated pest management system rooted in biologicals and beneficial insects. L’Eagle opts for natural treatments such as neem oil and garlic spray, and never
sprays plants after the onset of buds. L’Eagle only uses Organic OMRI-certified oils, bio- fungicides/insecticides, bactericides and beneficial insects. The company is highly respected for its cannabis flower which is 100 percent clean and carefully
cured for approximately two months.
The Clean Green Certified program is comprised of three parts: a legal compliance review, a review of the manner in which the product is grown, and a standard agricultural crop inspection. Numerous soil samples are taken
and analyzed at an outside lab. The program requires annual on-site inspections and covers the entire process including seeds, clones, soil, nutrients, pesticides, dust and mold control, sources of electricity, water, harvesting, processing, and more.
As a condition of continued certification, all growers and handlers must have carbon footprint reduction programs in place and those programs must improve each year.
Cannabis consumers who are concerned with sustainable and organic-equivalent cultivation practices and products can look for cannabis that features the Clean Green Certified seal. The certification also ensures L’Eagle will be prepared to meet USDA Organic standards once cannabis becomes federally legal.
For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Chloe Steerman at 484-751-8387 or [email protected].