L’Eagle Co-Owner Amy Andrle Brings Arts Background To Cultural Council, Arts Convention

L eagle mg magazine
L eagle mg magazine

Denver, Colorado — L’Eagle Services co-owner, Amy Andrle, is forging deeper connections between cannabis and the arts with her appointment to the Denver County Cultural Council, and her upcoming speaking engagement at the Americans for the Arts Annual convention later this month.



At the Americans for the Arts convention, Ms. Andrle’s topic will be “The Pluses and Minuses of Getting on the Pot Train.” The event will be held June 17 at the Hyatt Regency Denver. She will be discussing the impact of marijuana sales taxes on the arts community, and the potential for partnerships between arts organizations and cannabis companies.

Ms. Andrle is perfectly situated to speak with authority from both sides of such partnerships. She holds a graduate degree in nonprofit management and worked as an executive at cultural art organizations for more than a decade before transitioning into the cannabis industry in 2014.

Today, in addition to running day-to-day operations for L’Eagle, Ms. Andrle actively participates in outreach by contributing her time serving on the City of Denver’s Cannabis Sustainability Work Group, and as a founding board member of the Cannabis Certification Council.

“As someone with a foot in each camp, so to speak, I want to continue to help explore innovative ideas for developing new arts audiences through cannabis-centered events,” she said.  “L’Eagle prides itself on implementing best practices in every aspect of its business, from organic cultivation to human resources to sponsorship. We are fortunate to represent on the Denver County Cultural Council, and hope to see other cannabis business owners able to  demonstrate their support for the arts and cultural non-profits in the future.”

L’Eagle collaborated with the Denver Theatre District and Denver Digerati to support the arts through sponsorship of the Supernova Digital Animation Festival. Supernova is the only major festival to focus solely on the latest advances in digital animation as art by leading artists from around the world, presented free to the public on large scale LED screens in the heart of a prominent metropolitan city. The event took place September 22-23, 2017, and was instrumental in helping to lower the entrance barriers for cannabis businesses to support arts in the city.

The 11-member Denver County Cultural Council Board is authorized by the state of Colorado and directed by Denver City Council. As a Council member, Ms. Andrle will help to distribute SCFD revenue to science and cultural organizations in Denver. The council has previously supported organizations such as museums, theatres, choirs and art classes.  Ms. Andrle joins a group of colleagues who, like her, are highly engaged in the citywide community and possess a love of art, culture and science.