Kretek, Inc. is Expanding Offerings with New Partnership

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Kretek International, Inc., the nation’s largest importer, marketer, and distributor of specialty tobacco products, will expand its portfolio on August 1, 2017 to become the exclusive distributor of Fantasia products in the United States.

Known for manufacturing premier hookah products, Fantasia is behind one of the nation’s top-selling hookah tobacco, which is well-known for its unique flavors and standout names. As part of the agreement, Kretek International, Inc. will be responsible for sales, distribution, and trade marketing, while Fantasia will focus on maintaining the high quality of its products and the consumer branding experience that is so compelling at the retail level.


“Fantasia is one of the nation’s best-selling brands of hookah products,” says Patrick Hurd, Vice President of Sales for Kretek International, Inc. “Their retail success is fueled by stellar quality, eye-catching packaging, and extraordinary flavors. We’re pleased to partner with a brand that brings such a strong product to the table, and are excited at the opportunity to use our extensive channels to expand their reach. By expanding our relationship with Fantasia, we’re offering our accounts a fresh product they can bring into their stores as an already-vetted profit-generator.”

Fantasia products are manufactured in the United States. They are priced to offer good margins to wholesale channels, especially those purchasing the popular Fantasia shisha, an end-customer favorite, in either bulk or small boxes.

“We’ve invested much time and energy into developing the Fantasia brand and company,” says Randy Jacob, President/CEO of Fantasia, “creating products that are truly sought-after by consumers. We are very pleased to work with Kretek, Inc. and Phillips & King to expand our distribution. They are leaders in the industry, and have already played a key role in expanding our category. With their expertise, I feel we can all look forward to a future of growth.”

Kretek International, Inc. has an extensive customer roster, servicing large distributors who work with all types of smoke shops- including tobacconists, discount tobacco outlets, convenience stores, liquor stores, and vapor retailers. Through its Phillips & King division, these retail customers are also reached through the monthly Price Kutter publication, which offers an extensive selection of carefully selected products and outstanding customer service.

“Fantasia embodies Phillips & King’s long-standing value of quality,” says Sergio Montolfo, General Manager of Phillips & King, a subsidiary of Kretek International, Inc. “Just as we focus on offering top-quality items to our customers, they pride themselves on creating exceptional shisha tobacco blends from master crafters using Grade A, hand-selected, Virginia-grown leaves, and modern hookahs produced with fine materials. Fantasia is a natural fit for our company and I am confident that it will positively impact the bottom line of our retail customers looking to expand their offering.”

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