Kiva Sales and Service Partners with LEVEL

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OAKLAND, Calif. – Kiva Sales and Service (KSS), the industry-leading sales and distribution platform offering dispensaries a complete suite of best in class brands, formally announced today its partnership with LEVEL, a science-driven cannabis brand that has been recorded by BDS Analytics as one of California’s top 25 cannabis companies.

The Oakland-based Kiva Sales and Service will start shipping LEVEL products to all licensed dispensaries in California effective immediately, alongside a robust and diversified selection of other premium cannabis brands such as KIVA Confections (Kiva), Jetty Extracts, Sunday Goods, Humboldt Apothecary, Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance, Nasha, and CANN, with many more brand additions imminent in early 2020.


“We strive to offer both the current cannabis user and the cannacurious with an unrivaled product portfolio,” shared Kiva Sales and Service Co-Founder Scott Palmer. “LEVEL founders Brie and Chris Emerson and their talented team have drastically innovated the cannabis space, and we’re delighted to have LEVEL help further pioneer the industry with Kiva Sales and Service.”

With a mission to offer each cannabis user an extremely personalized experience, LEVEL employs the latest technologies across a myriad of categories including cannabis-infused gum, orally swallowed tablets known as Protabs, cannabinoid-specific Tablinguals that dissolve under the tongue for customized control, and Pax Era Pods that feature distilled cannabis oil.

“All of us at LEVEL are excited and honored to partner with Kiva Sales and Service (KSS), which has become an industry leader in California cannabis over the past decade,” shared Chris Emerson, LEVEL founder and CEO.

This new partnership will facilitate significant expansion of LEVEL products throughout California by strategic deployment of distribution resources, and an integrated sales approach achieved through collaboration between LEVEL and KSS sales teams.

“This expansion enables us to define the language and messaging that describes a new paradigm of modern cannabis consumption,” Emerson stated. “By leveraging KSS’s experience, expertise, and resources, LEVEL will be positioned to drive this evolutionary message to the consumer market. Considering the above, there is not a better partner for LEVEL in California than KSS.”

The partnership further establishes Kiva Sales and Service as the industry-leading sales and distribution platform, offering cannabis dispensaries a complete suite of brands across multiple categories including ingestibles, inhalables, and topicals. Kiva Sales and Service and LEVEL are among a handful of authentic cannabis companies who helped shape the medical and adult use markets, each known for innovative and groundbreaking products, and offer a visionary approach to connect with the new, untapped cannabis consumer.

About Kiva Sales & Service

In 2010 we at Kiva made a commitment to never release a product to our customer until it was perfect. We used that same philosophy as our driving mission at Kiva Sales & Service to make sure we provide the best customer service of any distributor in the market. Our goal is to build the leading distributor for premium California cannabis brands with a strong focus on service, brand building, and relationships that will accelerate growth for all our partners executed by a single distributor for all of your California strategy. With our commitment to dispensary service and a curated portfolio of industry leading cannabis brands, we can be stronger together.


LEVEL is a science-driven cannabis company on the cutting edge of cannabinoid research and innovation. The brand is passionate about helping guide humans with the information and products they need in order to make informed decisions and take action.