Kiva Sales and Service Partners With Jetty Extracts for Distribution and Sales

OAKLAND, Calif.Kiva Sales and Service (KSS), the industry-leading sales and distribution platform offering dispensaries a complete suite of best in class brands, is partnering with Oakland-based Jetty Extracts (Jetty) to handle their distribution. The partnership is a unique combination of industry leading brands coming together signifying KSS’ high level of influence and integrity.
KSS welcomes Jetty, one of the largest vape brands in California, to the platform alongside top edible brand KIVA Confections (Kiva) and other popular brands like Humboldt Apothecary, Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance, Nasha, Joiant, CANN and more to be announced soon. The move further establishes KSS as the industry-leading sales and distribution platform, offering dispensaries a complete suite of brands across multiple categories including ingestibles, inhalables and topicals. Kiva and Jetty are among a handful of authentic cannabis companies who helped shape the medical and adult use markets, each known for innovative and groundbreaking products and a visionary approach to the new cannabis consumer.
According to KSS and Kiva Co-Founder Kristi Knoblich Palmer, “Adding Jetty sales and distribution to the KSS platform gives our dispensary partners seamless access to the industry’s strongest, most respected brands and categories. This partnership reflects our commitment to building a robust portfolio and increasing our investment into logistics solutions for the California market.”
Starting August 19, 2019, all Jetty products will be available through KSS for ordering and immediate distribution, in addition to the full portfolio of KSS brands. The transition will create no disruption to current KSS or Jetty dispensary partners. Benefits for California dispensaries will be immediate, including:
  1. Single-point-of-contact ordering for all KSS portfolio brands
  2. Industry-leading distribution with consolidated delivery of all KSS portfolio brands
  3. Combined marketing resources dedicated to driving store traffic and sell-through
Jetty CEO and Co-Founder Ron Gershoni adds, “Jetty remains focused on innovation, from breakthrough products to production techniques to compassion programs. Our partnership with KSS is another way we’re working to move the industry forward and provide solutions for our dispensary partners.”
The move aligns two of the industry’s most respected cannabis brands with strong political ties and industry connections within the larger KSS portfolio, each with loyal, complementary customer bases. Kiva and Jetty share a proven commitment to quality craftsmanship, ethical business practices, community involvement and honoring the core principles of cannabis. Additional brands joining the KSS platform will be announced in the coming weeks, and limited opportunities are currently available for other leading brands interested in joining the KSS platform.
Ordering Kiva & Jetty
Starting August 19, 2019 orders for Jetty and all KSS portfolio brands can be placed with your current KSS representative as follows:
  1. Weekly menu list will include Jetty products as the featured brand for the entire month
  2. Orders can be submitted via your local Kiva Sales & Service Territory Manager assigned to your dispensary
  3. Email: [email protected] to include Jetty along with KSS brands
  4. Phone: 510-780-0777 to include Jetty along with KSS brands
  5. Leaflink orders that include Jetty will transmit to Kiva Sales & Service for delivery
All shipments that include payment and terms for orders starting on August 5 will be under the management of Kiva Sales and service. All previous balances and account receivables will still be managed by Jetty.
About Kiva Sales & Service
Service Brands Relationships
In 2010 we at Kiva made a commitment to never release a product to our customer until it was perfect.  We used that same philosophy as our driving mission at Kiva Sales & Service to make sure we provide The best customer service of any distributor in the market. Our goal is to build the leading distributor for premium California cannabis brands with a strong focus on service, brand building, and relationships that will accelerate growth for all our partners executed by a single distributor for all of your California strategy.  With our commitment to dispensary service and a curated portfolio of industry leading cannabis brands, we can be stronger together. Visit
About Jetty Extracts
Founded in 2013, Jetty Extracts is one of the true originals in the California cannabis market. Jetty began its operations in San Diego, California with a focus on craft and innovation while applying a strict adherence to compliance, fiscal responsibility, environmental concerns and community commitment (with a little time for some surfing in between). Today, Jetty’s 110-plus employees work at the company’s 13,000 sq ft Oakland, California headquarters and San Diego sales and marketing office. The company continues to focus on its state-of-the art production facility, utilizing the latest technology to create additive- and pesticide-free oils including its whole-plant terpene Gold cartridges, proprietary Dablicator™️ cannabis applicator and other products. Jetty also founded and operates The Shelter Project, a standalone non-profit that provides free cannabis to cancer patients