Jacksam Corporation Releases Machines to Fill and Cap CCell Cartridges

RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, Calif. – Jacksam Corporation (OTCQB: JKSM) (the “Company” or “Jacksam/Convectium”), an automation solutions company providing machines and equipment to cannabis and CBD companies, announced today that its 710 Shark Filling Machine and 710 Captain Capping Machines are now fully compatible with CCell compression cartridges. Based on its new “open system” strategy, Convectium brings the benefits of automation to almost any concentrate company using commercially available cartridges, pods, vape pens or other devices.

With past year growth of 127% and sales of $5.47B, cannabis concentrate sales outpace flower and edibles with a 22.1% CAGR, according to BDS Analytics. CCell is the leading cannabis and CBD concentrate cartridge producer in the world shipping more than 20 million units per month according to Jupiter Research. Domestic distributors include Kush Bottles, 3 Win Corporation, CannaBrands and TILT (Jupiter Research).


Commenting on the news, Jacksam/Convectium CEO Mark Adams stated: “Up until now companies using CCell cartridges couldn’t access our state-of-the-art automation equipment which delivers up to 287% more efficiency and 80% labor savings. Our new ‘open system’ approach catapults our market potential to another level by enabling large-scale CBD or THC concentrate companies to increase output, reduce risks, costs and waste, and beat the competition. These unique machines enable concentrate companies to automate the ‘fill and cap bottleneck’ and cement Convectium’s position as the only true scalable system in the business.”

Convectium plans to announce special upgrade pricing this week for all existing customers and bundled packaging for new customers. For more information contact: David Hall at (617) 717-8718 or [email protected]

About Jacksam/Convectium (Convectium)
Convectium is an automation solutions provider that designs and markets patented filling and capping machines for the cannabis industry. Built in the U.S., Convectium offers the only UL certified machines that work with nearly any commercially available cartridge, POD, vape or other container. On average, Convectium customers increase output by up to 60 times over hand filling as they reduce risk, costs and waste, and quickly get custom branded products onto dispensary shelves. Over 100 top CBD and THC concentrate companies rely on Convectium automation solutions.

About CCell
CCELL is a pioneer in portable vaporizer technology. CCELL’s innovations have moved the vaporizer industry away from wick based coil vapes by introducing their proprietary ceramic heating technology. Known for breaking boundaries in manufacturing and committed to meeting the highest standards, CCELL was the first dust free workshop and is proud to boast a R&D Center with more than 260 engineers and a quality control system of more than 200 staffers. CCELL has upgraded the industrial standard of vaporizing technology while others try to follow.