“Invitro” Cannabis Program Set To Show Self Potential

Paul Angelo
Paul Angelo

MIAMI, June 24, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Paul Angelo, the owner of a gay coaching and matchmaking service, is making history by being the first coach to offer cannabis training to his select clients inside a program called Invitro.

“Cannabis offers unprecedented opportunity for unlocking vast amounts of potential for any person, especially gay men.  Steve Jobs was right all along and now we have a definite proof.  Cannabis is the new Ferrari in personal transformation,” says Angelo.


Gay men can visit Angelo’s website at: http://www.PaulAngelo.com

During Angelo’s struggles with abandonment from parents, money problems and being in one-sided relationships most of his life, Angelo felt that conventional psychology is slow and limited.  For Angelo, cannabis offered access to deeper self-awareness about how lack of love in childhood created fear of self-expression and obedience to dysfunctional ideas in love, money and sex.

“I was sick of being stuck inside my head and feeling limited, exploding inside my mind every day but having no outlet. I knew I had more potential but didn’t know how to unlock myself. Cannabis offered me a way out of my wounded self,” says Angelo.

Angelo’s new program comes after three years of experimentation and a six month stay in Denver where he participated in workshops and interviews on public television.  According to Angelo, a person does not have to travel to Peru for spiritual awakening.  He can start at home with cannabis and later get into advanced plant medicines with Ayahuasca and others.

According to Angelo, most cannabis use is uneducated and pedestrian.  “Most Cannabis users just want to party and get wasted to forget about their problems.  But now, after legalization, we see a shift into cannabis use for personal transformation by business professionals,” says Angelo.

Angelo’s cannabis coaching program, called Invitro, helps gay men increase personal expression and decrease obedience to social norms, parents and friends.  The program is based on the belief that contrary to common opinion – parents, close friends and society imprison gay men into shame, obedience and rigidity.

According to Angelo, Cannabis, unlike other psychoactive plants, is the only one that allows for bidirectional communication of the conscious and unconscious.  During a high, a person retains control of his thinking while being able to access trapped emotions of pain, hurt and fear.

Angelo compares a cannabis session to a two-hour hypnosis. “With cannabis you can go many levels deeper than with hypnosis and much faster because the mind is disarmed biologically with the chemicals from the plant.  Hypnosis uses the mind to disarm itself – which takes a lot of energy and skill.  Cannabis does it automatically, quickly exposing emotions trapped under painful memories,” says Angelo.

Angelo teaches that with the use of intervals, music and visualization – a person’s emotional bubbles can be quickly located and exposed. This is how the memory of the painful event can be freshly re-experienced with a positive meaning.  “The understanding of logic, music theory and concept formation is essential to create a cannabis experience that induces genius abilities in simple people,” says Angelo.

About the author:
Paul Angelo is a gay relationship coach and matchmaker working with gay men over 40, teaching his clients new perspectives about gay relationships and sexuality that make long term, committed gay relationships more exciting and easier.  Angelo’s coaching practice started in 2010 and continues today with courses on gay psychology, gay sexuality and gay compatibility.

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