Kin Slips, the cannabis industry’s most innovative, science-driven brand, launches its latest and most highly-anticipated product to date: a sublingual strip specifically designed to aid with sleep. The product, aptly named Shut Eye, is the result of the company’s meticulous scientific research, testing, and formulation. Shut Eye  is a plant-based, all-natural combination of cannabinoids including cannabinol (commonly known as CBN), the newest and most talked about cannabinoid on the market. When combined with CBD, it creates a balanced blend to calm the body and mind for more peaceful sleep.

According to the Sleep Association of America, approximately 50 to 70 million U.S. adults have some sort of sleep disorder, with insomnia being the most common, and according to University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, about 25 percent of Americans develop acute insomnia each year.  Now those who suffer from these issues can turn to Shut Eye as an all-natural alternative to sleeping pills.


From a pharmacological perspective we have known about CBN for a long time, however most discussion up until now has focused on the percentage of CBN in the flower as THC degrades. Only recently have people begun to understand that CBN has medicinal potential of its own with its most pronounced benefit being a sedative effect, which could provide a game-changing alternative to synthetic sleep aids. Notoriously difficult to isolate and extract, CBN has yet to become widely used commercially. Kin Slips, who were recently awarded “Most Innovative Cannabis Product” by Entrepreneur/ Greenpreneur Magazine, continues to push boundaries as a market leader by creating this new proprietary blend using CBN and CBD. In carefully developing the precise formula for Shut Eye , they wanted to address the fact that restlessness, or a lack of sleep, can be caused by a variety of environmental and physical experiences (inflammation, anxiety, stress, light pollution) so they developed a blend that includes chamomile, mint, alpha bisabolol and other plant-based terpenes for increased stress reduction and gentle stomach soothing, combined with 5mg of CBD to support anti-inflammation and anxiety and 5mg of CBN creating a safe, precise, all-natural sleep aid.

Kin Slips founder Josh Kirby says “We couldn’t be more excited to share our new CBN product with the California market. In a time when so many people have trouble sleeping, being able to provide a convenient, fast acting, all natural sleep aid is one of our proudest achievements.”

Shut Eye  is available in a wallet of 10 slips for $55 and can be purchased in high end dispensaries throughout California.




Kin Slips was founded by a passionate group of entrepreneurs hell bent on dramatically improving the cannabis experience. Their commitment began with our sublingual strips—a revolutionary infused product that is discreet, reliable, all-natural, and formulated for positive effects on lifestyle and health. Beyond the quality of our product, Kin Slips intend to inspire trust in the science and benefits of cannabis through meaningful conversations and education at the community level.

The carefully crafted blends, suited for even the most discerning foodie’s palate, are created with 100% natural plant-based ingredients and are available in three unique flavor profiles: watermelon and basil, tarragon and citrus, and mango and turmeric. Kin Slips are completely plant-based, gluten-free, non GMO, diabetic-friendly and less than one calorie with an overall great taste. From garden to tongue, Kin Slips has developed a wholesome cannabis experience unlike any other.