InstantGMP Inc. Launches Greenfield Grant

Greenfield Grant mg magazine
Greenfield Grant mg magazine

InstantGMP, Inc. and their partners are excited to announce the annual Greenfield Grant designed to take Cannabis processorsCBD and Hemp manufacturers from zero to production superstars and for brands within investor portfolios. The Grand Prize winner will receive a comprehensive system that will instantly establish their Good Manufacturing Practices.

Fulfilling a Brand’s Vision
Starting a processing or manufacturing operation from square one is a tremendous undertaking especially in an up and coming industry filled with fierce competition under the watchful eye of regulators. It’s critical to hit the ground running with a solid quality system and batch management software.


Now more than ever, companies must work past the risks and tasks associated with building their brand empire, to focus on product differentiation; operations expansion; and building consumer trust through high quality offerings.

Looking Ahead
Creating and implementing a quality and production system takes time, expertise, multiple resources, and plenty of planning for the future. Many entrepreneurs and startups do not fully understand the process nuances involved in reinforcing Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) that is a well-known, proven path to producing high quality products.

InstantGMP, Inc. will award one Grand Prize Winner a fully encompassing manufacturing and quality system in the form of InstantGMP software, a full set of Standard Operating Procedures, extensive training, and a complete roll-out with skilled consultants. All together, these components provide the foundation for success in manufacturing.

Greenfield Grant Partners
InstantGMP, Inc. has partnered with the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA), the California Cannabis Industry Association (CCIA), and the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) to publicize this incredible opportunity for startups, investors, and investment management companies.