Honest Marijuana Company Utilizes Nanobidiol Technology

OAK CREEK, Colo. – The Honest Marijuana Company eco-conscious cannabis growery worked with a European company to patent a new Nanobidiol Technology that has the ability to turn non-water-soluble substances like cannabinoids into nano-size so they can be added into transdermal patches, topical lotions, and virtually anything. It ensures the cleanest, most efficient, quickest, and most discreet cannabis consumption.

In addition to pushing the forefront of the cannabis industry into a whole new era, this technology is allowing companies outside of the marijuana market to join the ganja game. For example, beauty companies can use Nanobidiol Technology to add CBD to their products, gum manufacturers can use it to create a line of CBD gum, food companies can use it to create a line of CBD-infused sauces, the technology can be used to create CBD-infused eye drops… the possibilities are endless! Nanobidiol Technology can catapult non-cannabis companies into the ever-evolving hemp/CBD industry.


So, what exactly IS Nanobidiol Technology and why is it changing the face of today’s cannabis industry?

To put it in simple terms, Nanobidiol Technology is used to turn substances like CBD oil and THC oil, which, like other oils, are hydrophobic (unable to be dissolved in water), into nano-size. This size is so incredibly tiny–as a point of reference, one nanometer is one thousandth of a micron, which is one thousandth of a millimeter. When cannabinoids are in this microscopic size, they can travel extremely quickly and efficiently through the skin and other membranes of the human body and enter the bloodstream much faster. This ensures the cleanest, most efficient, healthiest, and most discreet cannabis consumption.

Honest Marijuana Company already used their Nanobidiol Technology to create a Hemp Theory line of products made with full spectrum hemp extract, which provides a bevy of health benefits. The new line features a hemp oil extract tincture that is very easy to consume (just add a few drops to your tongue, food, etc!), a hemp cream for pain relief, and a honey that can be easily consumed on bread or in your morning tea!

In a clinical study, Nanobidiol Technology was proven to make CBD molecules smaller and more bioavailable than other competing products — those who consumed Hemp Theory products had a greater CBD concentration over an extended period of time.

Nanobidiol Technology utilizes nanoencapsulation to make hemp extract particles nano-sized and increase their water solubility and bioavailability (the proportion of the substance that is active in the body). Nanoencapsulation technology tricks and forces oil into going into a hard shell made of a material that is hydrophilic (meaning liking water). The oil feels safe in here, and we end up with a microscopic, nano-enclosance of the hard shell with the oil inside. When this hard shell comes into contact with the outside of your body, which is 80% water, it is thoroughly perceived as water-soluble by the skin and other membranes and is easily absorbed.

The enclosed particle of oil gets in deeper and deeper and then comes out of the shell via changes in temperature and solubility, where it then becomes active. By that time, the oil is already too deep in and the body is simply not able to reject it and continues to accept it. Nanoencapsulation can carry more CBD and THC oil out of a solution and into the human body than any other technology known to date!

The hard shell also protects the oil inside from the metabolic system. If you put powder into a mix and drink/consume it into the stomach, it drops down into your stomach where acidity increases. The metabolic effects of your stomach start to dissemble whatever you consume so you can process it. During this moment, the shell protects the oil enough for it to actually get into the wall of the stomach and get back into the circulation of the blood.

In the pharmaceutical terms, this is called ‘skipping the first pass,’ where the first pass is the stomach and liver (which can break down molecules and make them into something else). Without skipping the first pass, THC becomes a THC derivative—a different formula known as 11-Hydroxy-THC that has pain-relieving and sedative values to it instead of THC in the purest form, which is a more stimulating, mind-altering substance

“Today, many doctors don’t like to recommend cannabis because smoking (the predominant consumption method) is dangerous, bad for the lungs, outdated, and inefficient. Technology is helping to create an alternative for the most discerning, cautious, and skeptical spectrum of the market. It is healthy, because it deals strictly with the pharmaceutical products that allow you to obtain the desired medical benefit from the plant without smoking and sacrificing your health in exchange.” -Serge Chistov, inventor of the Nanobidiol Technology

To sum it up, the main benefits of Nanobidiol Technology are that it ensures inconspicuous, effective, efficient, and clean marijuana use. Products made with Nanobidiol Technology are effective, as you don’t need to consume a lot to get the desired effect. They are also discreet, as you just need to put a drop from an oil tincture on your tongue or a spoonful of infused honey into your daily tea.