Higher Celebrations Launches ‘Dabvent Calendar’ in Anticipation of 420

Logo: Higher Celebrations Dabvent Calendar

DENVER – Higher Celebrations, an ancillary cannabis gifting company with a line of novelty packaging products for adults, introduced the Dabvent Calendar, a month-long countdown to the most recognized cannabis holiday of the year. In 2020 the entire month of April signifies the age-old code for cannabis, 420. Higher Celebrations is gathering 20 brands to partake in a collaborative giveaway that honors every day in April as we do in December while counting down the days until Christmas.

A nod to the classic Advent Calendar, the Dabvent Calendar also contains a daily element of surprise and delight leading up to the holiday on the 20th. The physical calendars contain small products or swag items representing each major 420 Daily Giveaway in 20 branded 2”x2” boxes. Influencers and thought leaders are receiving these calendars as a promotional tool to inform consumers about how to enter to win the major prize on their respective Instagram handles. All daily contest winners will be announced by the Higher Celebrations brand, Birthjays (@Birthjays) on Instagram Live at 4:20pm MST. 


“At the end of the day, we wanted to honor this holiday the best way we knew how, and bringing together a group of creative entrepreneurs to celebrate all month-long seemed like the best way to do it,” said Michael Scherr, CEO and Founder of Higher Celebrations. “The Dabvent Calendar was built to benefit everyone involved, not just the giveaway winners. Both new and established brands will have the chance to leverage each other’s network of followers and attract new consumer audiences that perhaps they haven’t tapped into yet.” 

The products involved in this campaign include smoking devices, accessories, CBD-only products, and several other items that celebrate 420 culture. DabCap, Bee-Nails and Dip Devices are giving away high-end devices used for consuming concentrates. Dip Devices is contributing their newly launched EVRI pen, a 3-in-1 vape pen and torchless dab straw that enables users to quickly switch between traditional 510 cartridges/refillable pods as well as concentrates with a vapor tip atomizer. Dip Devices has joined forces with Higher Celebrations on several occasions for cross-promotional campaigns. 

“We’re excited to participate in this campaign because it creates a sense of community throughout the month, rather than a traditional 420 marketing push where our brand battles for impressions during a saturated time,” said Mike Bologna, CEO of Dip Devices. “The Dabvent Calendar is a fun and creative way to educate consumers and engage with other like-minded brands.” 

Cannabis brands with products geared towards the flower consumer are also involved in the campaign, such as Toker Poker, Kush Kards, Roast and Toast Mugs, and CVault. While MooseLabs is contributing their MouthPeace that allows consumers to smoke their herbs without having to inhale all the resin and tar, My Bud Vase is offering one of their original glass pieces that are elegantly crafted to bring art, expression, and discretion to your cannabis lifestyle. Pre-roll enthusiasts have a chance to win The Revolver, a grinder that simultaneously fills six cones at once.

Alpine Hemp Company, Califari and JR Artspace are offering 420-forward apparel, accessories, and art that truly celebrates the cannabis culture. Canna Style, a female-forward line of smoke wear and accessories is creating an opportunity for women to take pride in their cannabis use. 

“Removing the shame surrounding cannabis consumption, especially among women, was always my goal while creating Canna Style. I’m thrilled that the majority of the influencers involved in the Dabvent Calendar are proud female cannabis users who are out there crushing the stigma, and I can’t wait to see how they use our products to express themselves,” said Amanda Smith, CEO and Founder of Canna Style.  

Several brands are sharing exclusive products not available to the public during this campaign. The Higher Celebrations flagship product, Birthjays is giving away their original pre- rolled cones for your birthday along with brand new Dabvent Calendar branded swag. SweetWater, a craft brewery in Georgia that recently launched a new Mexican lager with Cypress Hill’s B-Real is giving away merchandise autographed by B-Real himself. The brewery has several craft beers, such as the 420 Strain Insane OG, designed to smell and taste similar to the aromatic plant.

Cannabis-related experiences are also up for grabs throughout the campaign, such as a virtual yoga class from Ganja Guru Yoga, or boardgames from the creator of Amazon’s best-selling new-age game, What Do You Meme. Giveaway participants will have a chance to win several adult party games from What Do You Meme, including Ganjaland and Ducking High, a game designed to enhance your high with mind-bending questions that’ll lead you and your friends into out of this world conversations. 

CBD products will also be included in the calendar for participants in the United States. Arbor Hemp, a Colorado company with an elegant line of CBD products is contributing their new full-spectrum Soft Gels Berries. Lastly, a new brand, Crappy’s Feel Better is premiering its Hangover Helper chewable tablets that aren’t yet available to the public.

About Higher Celebrations International
Higher Celebrations International (HCI) is a novelty product line for adults offering unique packaging products focused on the cannabis gifting experience and special occasions. In May of 2019, HCI launched BirthJays, the world’s first pre-rolled joint birthday candle. Visit the Birthjays website for more information, or follow @Birthjays on Instagram and Facebook. HCI is a subsidiary of Aria Brands LLC, a holding company founded in 2019. Aria’s goal is to create memorable brands through differentiated consumer experiences, in both regulated hemp and cannabis markets. Aria Brands also owns Arbor Grove, a hemp-derived CBD consumer product line for simplified and mindful living. For more information, visit the Arbor website or follow @arborhemp on Instagram and Facebook.