Higher Celebrations Debuts Tommy Chong’s Limited Edition Birthjays

Logo: Higher Celebrations Birthjays

DENVER – Like many holidays, birthday celebrations were not the same in 2020. This year, cannabis comedian and counter culture icon Tommy Chong is partnering with Higher Celebrations, a novelty product company focused on the cannabis gifting experience, to launch Tommy Chong’s Birthjays. Birthjays are the world’s first pre-rolled joint birthday candles and one-of-a-kind, smoke-able cake toppers.

Higher Celebrations created Birthjays to make adult birthdays fun again, in a way that normalizes cannabis as an acceptable means of elevating special occasions. Tommy Chong’s Birthjays come in 5-packs that can be purchased on the Birthjays website at https://www.birthjays.com/tommychong.


“Every year when I’m blowing out my birthday candles, I’m wishing for a joint. This is the secret to making your birthday wishes come true every year,” said Chong.

Tommy Chong curated a completely unique brand of comedy directed at the counter-culture movement of the early ’70s. Today, his namesake brand, Tommy Chong’s is one of the first multi-territory “Celebrity” cannabis brands, debuting in the medical California market, then expanding out to every medical and recreational state in the nation. Tommy Chong’s often partners with innovative manufacturers, like Higher Celebrations that develop unique and high-quality cannabis lifestyle products. Since the founder of Higher Celebrations is a musician, entertainer, and 15-year cannabis advocate, this partnership with cannabis industry pioneer Tommy Chong was a natural fit. Together, these two entertainers-turned entrepreneurs have big plans to take birthdays to the next level.

Tommy Chong’s Birthjays are available now, and customers who purchase a five-pack of Tommy Chong’s Birthjays from now until March 1st will have a chance to win an exclusive “Virtual Birthjay Party” on Zoom with Tommy Chong and four other friends. Consumers will also have a chance to win personalized birthday wishes from Tommy himself, and an autographed birthday card along with additional swag, courtesy of KushKards. Contest winners will be announced live on Instagram Live by @birthjays on March 1, 2021.

“We’re blowing last year’s lackluster birthday celebrations ‘up in smoke’ by inviting the community to light up the party with an industry legend,” said Michael Scherr, CEO & Founder of Higher Celebrations. “An opportunity like this doesn’t come along often, but after a year like 2020, we are all due for some good karma, and good times ahead,” said Scherr.

Birthjays are easy to use. Simply fill the pre-rolled cones with cannabis flower, top it with the candle-wick widget, attach the cake stake to the bottom of the cone before placing the Birthjay on any birthday dessert, lighting the candle top. However it’s not until after blowing out the Birthjay candles that the real party begins, and you can officially celebrate like Tommy Chong.

For more information or to schedule an interview, please reach out to Kim Ring at [email protected] or 314.495.4589.

About Higher Celebrations:
Based in Colorado, Higher Celebrations is a novelty product line for adults offering unique packaging products focused on the cannabis gifting experience and special occasions. In May of 2019, Higher Celebrations launched BirthJays, the world’s first pre-rolled joint birthday candle. Visit the Birthjays website for more information, or follow @Birthjays on Instagram and Facebook. HCI is a subsidiary of Aria Brands LLC, a holding company founded in 2019. Aria’s goal is to create memorable brands through differentiated consumer experiences, in both regulated hemp and cannabis markets.

About Chongson, Inc:
Chongson, Inc is Tommy Chong’s Licensing company. Chongson’s brand, Tommy Chong’s, is a selection of the finest products available. There are a wide range of products offered under the brand with an emphasis on both THC and CBD based products that are selected by Tommy Chong and his Licensors. Tommy Chong’s was one of the first multi-territory “Celebrity” Cannabis brands, debuting in the California medical market and then expanding out to every medical and recreational state in the nation and worldwide where the products are legally permitted. For more information, reach out to [email protected].