High Purity Natural Products Warns About Potential Undetected And Harmful Chemicals IN Delta-8 THC

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SOUTHBRIDGE, Mass. – High Purity Natural Products today announced a warning for consumers and manufacturers about potentially harmful chemicals within Delta-8 THC.

Delta-8 THC, derived through a chemical process from hemp, is “said to be legal” in most US states.


During the last year, Delta-8 THC (D8) quickly became one of the hottest new products in the cannabis industry. With a chemical structure extremely close to the well-known Delta-9 THC (marijuana), it produces a similar yet less robust psychoactive effect. It rose to popularity because of that “legal high.” D8 infused gummies and vape cartridges are wildly popular and promoted aggressively via websites and social media.

Delta-8 could conceal a dirty secret, though. “While the legality of D8 is grey, the safety concerns are black and white.” States Gair Lauicus, Chief Science Officer at High Purity Natural Products. “D8-THC is often created using harsh chemicals such as p-Toluenesulfonic acid, acetic acid, hydrochloric acid, or sulfuric acid, to name a few. Each step of the CBD to D8-THC conversion adds more potentially dangerous chemicals to the reaction. A disreputable manufacturer of D8-THC could use bleach, nail polish remover, or other hazardous solvents in the process, which, if not adequately removed, have well-documented and dangerous interactions with the human body. There is no way to know what steps were undertaken in the post-processing of D8-THC before it makes it to a consumer.”

Mike Matton, President of High Purity: “Being well versed in cannabinoids and custom blended natural hemp-based products, we have been studying Delta-8 for a long time. We have concluded that it’s a risky end product due to the unknown agents that could be used to manufacture it by certain suppliers. We suggest consumers do their homework before proceeding and ensure that any product they use is from a trusted manufacturer.”

D8-THC has piqued the interest of many consumers and people within the hemp industry. With the unknowns involved in manufacturing D8-THC, there is a risk to the consumer. For this reason, High Purity Natural Products has decided not to engage in the manufacturing or sale of D8-THC products and hopes that any manufacturers will take proper precautions to provide safe products. And that consumers will ensure any product they purchase – ingest are from a reputable manufacturer.

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