Headset Integrates With Prominent POS Providers

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Headset’s goal is to bring data-driven cannabis business analytics to the cannabis industry. With that in mind, we’re always seeking to integrate our software into the point of sale (POS) systems that the cannabis industry already knows and loves. Today, we’re thrilled to announce new partnerships with BLAZE, Treez, Leaf Logix, and Weedware, which will all feature a special embedded version of Headset’s business intelligence tools.

All BLAZE, Treez, Leaf Logix, and Weedware customers will automatically receive access to an Executive Dashboard, as well as deeper insights on the Sales & Assortment, Vendor Analysis, and Inventory Overview pages. This free, embedded version of Headset Retailer can be activated with one click.


“The team at BLAZE Retail is extremely excited to partner up with Headset to help provide our dispensaries the ability to quickly leverage Headset to do advanced reporting,” says Chris Violas, CEO of BLAZE. “The BLAZE Retail and Headset integration is completely automatic, meaning all you need to do is click enable and you will start to see data in Headset within 10 minutes.”

Furthermore, customers who already subscribe to Headset’s retailer edition or who want even deeper insights can import the full array of Headset data to their existing POS system, simply by signing up for Retailer via the POS system or logging in with their existing credentials.

Being able to give retail and dispensary operators the data they need to make critical decisions within the POS system they already use is really the ideal business analytics experience we’re trying to create,” says Cy Scott, Co-Founder and CEO of Headset. “Having seamless access to key insights on a location’s sales trends, inventory, and staff performance helps to enable continued success for these operators, and we couldn’t be happier to partner with these POS systems to provide that.”

Headset already provides essential business analytics to hundreds of retailers on a variety of point-of-sale systems, including BioTrack, MJ Freeway, Green Bits, and Proteus 420. With these partnerships, Headset will bring actionable data to hundreds more cannabis retailers, which is in line with their mission of using real-time data to help the cannabis industry prosper.


About Headset

At Headset we’re a cannabis tech company that’s passionate about helping cannabis businesses become successful. Our core team foundedleafly.com, revolutionizing cannabis consumption by putting information in the hands of consumers. With Headset, we want to do the same thing for cannabis business intelligence.

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