GrowSpan Unveils Cannabis Growers Dream with New High Pro Tunnel

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growspan logo mg magazine
GrowSpan Greenhouse Structures is pleased to add the newest product, the High Pro Tunnel, to its comprehensive line of greenhouses and growing structures. These high tunnel kits are specifically designed for California cannabis growers and come outfitted with a light deprivation system, allowing growers to get an economical structure that is superior in functionality through a simplified design and buying process.
The High Pro Tunnel has all the features of GrowSpan’s original high tunnels, but with the added benefit of an innovative light deprivation system. Made with durable, lightweight materials, this growing structure is best suited for California growing operations not impacted by snow and high winds.
The high tunnel provides ample growing room and is available at 26’ wide, 8’6” tall, and in both 96’ and 120’ lengths. The 5’7” roll-up sidewalls are outfitted with GrowSpan’s exclusive twist-of-the-wrist design for easy operation, ensuring maximum ventilation.
Cannabis growers will be pleased to find the heavy lifting done for them, as the High Pro Tunnel is already measured and outfitted with the automated GrowSpan Over-the-Top Blackout System. This advanced technology features a blackout curtain controlled by a simple two-arm mechanism on the exterior of the high tunnel, as opposed to the traditional blackout system that resides on the interior of the structure and can be difficult to maintain.
The Over-the-Top Blackout System features a nontransparent polyethylene cover with supreme durability, which unrolls from the peak of the structure as the two arms descend through motorized operation. This, accompanied by the opaque white polycarbonate end walls, ensures growers will transform the high tunnel into complete blackout conditions with ease.
GrowSpan staffs experienced greenhouse and cultivation experts to help customers upgrade their grow and produce the results they desire. Growers can outfit their structures with customized lighting, heating, cooling, ventilation, automated environmental control and HydroCycle Hydroponic growing equipment, all in one place with GrowSpan.
GrowSpan Greenhouse Structures is dedicated to providing premium greenhouses and growing solutions for the agricultural industry. With a wide range of growing structures, including greenhouses, high tunnels, cold frames and shade houses, every grower is certain to find a structure that best suits their hobby and business growing needs. GrowSpan Greenhouse Specialists are only a click or call away to guide you through the process of obtaining the upgrade your growing operation needs.
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