GrowGeneration Increases its Attractiveness to Investors

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(PRESS RELEASE) DENVER—GrowGeneration Corp.‘s (GrowGen), OTCQB: GRWG, decision to become a top retailer and purchaser of Hydrofarm products ,was a wise move for investors. On July 10, 2017, Hydrofarm Inc. announced it received a significant equity investment to drive growth – having partnered with Serruya Private Equity Partners, a private equity group with a legacy of developing brands. Hawthorn Equity Partners and affiliates of Broadband Capital Investments comprise additional institutional investors.
Hydrofarm is a leading wholesaler and manufacturer of hydroponic equipment. A method of growing plants in water, hydroponics uses mineral nutrient solutions rather than soil. This process of growing plants is rapidly gaining popularity especially in urban, customized farming.

GrowGen owns and operates specialty retail hydroponic and organic gardening stores that sell an extensive range of products to both professional and small growers, via 13 locations in 4 states.


The hydroponic method of farming is a burgeoning niche segment gaining popularity in agricultural frameworks. Plants grown in a controlled environment system like hydroponics can be less subject to variable weather patterns and may not need particularly sensitive climates to thrive.

Hydroponics is one of the fastest-growing soil-free farming practices globally, producing superior quality plants in a sustainable manner.

A prominent major growth driver for the hydroponic industry involves documented predictably higher yields compared to traditional agricultural practices. This standard contributes to the fact that the hydroponics market value is anticipated to grow from $19.95 billion in 2015 to $27.33 billion in 2020.1

At the forefront of hydroponics, GrowGen carries everything needed to design a hydroponic system, including aeroponics, drip watering, water culture, ebb and flow, self-watering, and all accessories. Commercial growers rely on the company for its selection of cutting-edge hydroponic equipment.