GroAdvisor Launches Guide on Best Practices for Grow Room Design

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CHICAGO – The team at GroAdvisor launched today their free downloadable guide on Best-Practices for Grow Room Design.

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The rise of legalization, advancements in technology, and the merging of traditional horticulture industries with cannabis has led to a new standard for what it takes to build and operate a successful cannabis cultivation business.

If today’s cannabis business owners want to succeed in the long-term, they need to adapt, quickly. In the past, cannabis cultivators became too comfortable with high prices and exploding demand for their product. This has caused cannabis businesses to look outwards more than they look inwards, and has many teams now asking the question: How will I continue to thrive?

That was the driving motivation behind the creation of this guide. And instead of trying to answer that question with an exhaustive A-to-Z guide, the controlled environment solutions team here at GroAdvisor teamed up with grow room design consultant, Bruce Granger, to compile brief and crucial highlights so cultivators and business owners could garner insight into this increasingly important aspect of the cannabis industry.

From value-engineering, to crop protection, growth methodologies and cannabis cultivation business plans, inside this guide you’ll find advice for bringing your cannabis cultivation facility into the modern era. And hopefully, some of what you read here will help nudge you outside of your cultivation comfort zone.

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