Grenco Science Announces the Acquisition of Stündenglass Inc.

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LOS ANGELES – Grenco Science (G Pen), the leader in advanced vaporization technologies, announced today the acquisition of Stündenglass, engineers of the world’s first gravity powered contactless water pipe that uses kinetic motion activation, cascading water and opposing air flow technology to deliver the most powerful and unique experience. The transaction solidifies Grenco Science’s leadership position in the industry with one of the largest product offerings of vaporizers and ancillary products. Transformative new designs from Stündenglass are available to preview at

“We recognize Tracey Huston’s ingenuity and the accomplishment of bringing that vision to life, Grenco Science will help by bringing this product into our global expansion plan,” said Chris Folkerts, CEO and Founder of Grenco Science. “We look forward to extending this newest design through our product pipeline and other versions to come.”


Huston, an ex-Apple employee, founded Stündenglass in 2012, reimagining the water pipe experience through industrial design and fluid flow physics. The patented hookah eliminates the need to make contact with a shared mouthpiece and features gravitationally delivered water filtration through pressurized delivery of vaporized materials through smooth output of water filtered vapor. Together, Huston and the Grenco Science in-house design team are fully redesigning the coveted device with medically manufactured materials, a streamlined user experience and sophisticated aesthetic.

“Today is a pivotal moment in our journey as joining Grenco represents the opportunity to take Stündenglass to places we could never have envisioned, accelerating development together with the Grenco team to lead it to unprecedented heights. We are so honoured to join this amazing team,” said Tracey Huston, Founder of Stündenglass.

Through its network of partners, Grenco Science will offer consumers an increase in both supply and design of the coveted Stündenglass pieces which can also be used with flower or concentrate devices such as the G Pen Connect. The new designs are available to preview at and will be available to purchase online and in stores in May.

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