Greenlane Acquires VaporNation

(Boca Raton, FL. March 22, 2018) – Greenlane (formerly VapeWorld) is pleased to announce the successful acquisition of VaporNation, a leading distributor and online retailer of vaporizers and Greenlane’s closest competitor. With this acquisition, Greenlane grows from 150 employees to nearly 200, and expands operations to an eight city footprint across North America, including six highly automated distribution centers.

Greenlane will continue to operate VaporNation’s retail site,, while absorbing VaporNation’s wholesale operations into its own. VaporNation’s previous ownership will provide Greenlane with consulting services for an undisclosed period. Both companies are privately held and the details of the transaction have not been disclosed at this time.


Jeff Sherman, the CEO of VaporNation commented, “We have a shared philosophy of putting clients first and offering superior customer service. VaporNation’s strong brand relationships combined with Greenlane’s make for incredible category coverage. VaporNation’s performance in direct-to-consumer sales, coupled with Greenlane’s dominance in wholesale, make this transaction a natural fit. It is really gratifying to see VaporNation become a part of Greenlane.”

Aaron LoCascio, CEO and founder of Greenlane said, “We’ve been hard at work and steadily growing for over 13 years now; in the past couple of years we have really pulled ahead of our competition and with this acquisition we have sprinted ahead even further. We couldn’t be more excited to bring VaporNation into the Greenlane family.”

Greenlane services approximately 9,000 independent retailers. Greenlane is the exclusive distributor of premium brands like Storz & Bickel, G Pen, PAX, DaVinci, Dr. Dabber, Marley Natural, Double Barrel, LEVO, Eyce, Pollen Gear, and many more. Greenlane is the world’s largest distributor of vaporizers.