Green Goddess Supply Launches Armoire In-Store Retail Program

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HOPEDALE, Mass. – Smoke shop owners generally have limited floor space, limited counter space and limited resources. The new Armoire in-store retail program makes those hassles go up in smoke. The Armoire, considered the ultimate in home growing by many cannabis connoisseurs, is now available for resale at leading smoke shops. A handsome, telescoping floor banner and rack card do all the selling at a lofty margin to the smoke shop.  A handy dandy QR code quickly leads customers to a product overview video and more information, if desired.

This unique retail program solves several issues for shop owners: there’s no cumbersome floor unit to find space for, no upfront investments in inventory, and no need for warehousing or shipping. Customers simply order at a discounted price and Green Goddess Supply, the innovative manufacturer of The Armoire, takes care of the drop shipment direct to the customer. The home system comes pre-assembled for customer ease. 


To encourage impulse, in-store sales, the in-store price is $50 less than the online price, incentivizing the customer to purchase through the store. The net profit to the smoke shop on each Armoire sale is $250, with zero costs associated. 

The program is being rolled out throughout North America. Initial relationships have already been arranged with smoke shop in Texas, Missouri, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.  

The Armoire is such a substantial and beautifully designed piece of furniture that even your most disapproving aunt won’t suspect you own a robust home grow system that could save you thousands per year in comparison to a dispensary.   

With its furniture-inspired look, child proof lock, ergonomic design and “Simplified, Results-Driven Nurturing Protocol,” The Armoire is specifically designed to deliver impressive results every cycle, easily and with minimal maintenance. The Armoire requires only two minutes of care daily to garner an impressive yield of 3-5 oz of dried, hand-crafted flower in as little as 60 days – a real bounty in comparison to some other, more expensive units achieving the same harvest in a longer period of time.

The Armoire, a turnkey solution to home growing, removes the mystery and challenge. If you can water a house plant once a day, then you can now grow clean, healthy, top shelf bud quickly and easily, with no experience necessary. 

The Armoire is lightweight and waterproof, so there is no need to worry about pesky bugs and pests eating away at your cannabis.  Also, the Armoire is equipped with a large LED light, moisture meter, and a WiFi camera for monitoring the plants. Additional highlights include UV safety glasses and a childproof magnetic lock. 

The Armoire footprint is 25″ x 25″ and the cabinet is 50″ tall.   Stated another way – it’s about 2 foot square and roughly 4 and 1/2 feet tall when the legs are attached.  The unit only weighs about 40 pounds.

The Armoire is available in three finishes – Moderne Black, Cherry and Barn Board (aka “Shabby Chic”).  The Armoire’s Cherry and Barn Board models are priced at $1,395 and the Moderne Black signature model is currently priced at $1,595 MSRP.

About Green Goddess Supply
Green Goddess Supply is a “cultivation to consumption” cannabis lifestyle brand offering a line of high-quality products to grow, store, prep and consume hemp flower and cannabis products. The company sells direct to consumers at MSRP through its website, and also offers wholesale and distributor accounts to brick and mortar storefronts and industry distributors. Green Goddess Supply strives to exceed expectations and delight customers with quality products and amazing customer service.

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