Green Flower Launches Online Training Program for Cannabis Businesses

Green Flower Cannabis Business Essentials Certificate Program

VENTURA, Calif. – Cannabis education leader Green Flower unveils intelligent tools for training and success with the Cannabis Business Essentials Certificate Program, showcasing a wide range of industry-leading experts in every sector. The cannabis industry is finally getting the advanced online training it needs and deserves.

Cannabis, industrial hemp, CBD – all emerging industries where the path to building a strong business is exciting – and far from easy. Training and education are now more important than ever for those who want to succeed in building sustainable cannabis businesses while avoiding costly pitfalls and catastrophic mistakes.


Cannabis Business Essentials is a set of 14 courses featuring industry-leading experts who will give anyone the playbook to find success in the cannabis industry today – effective training tools to plan, develop, and operate a business in cannabis, hemp, or CBD.

This set of courses equips students with a comprehensive understanding of the complex guidelines and challenges that each sector of the cannabis industry must take into consideration when building or maintaining a business.

Quote from Max Simon, CEO and co-founder of Green Flower:

“The cannabis industry is immensely complex and requires deep specialized knowledge if you want to play any significant role in the space. For the first time ever, we have brought together many of the world’s most successful cannabis business leaders to break down the cannabis supply chain, and take you deep into the strategies and secrets needed to succeed in every sector. I’m immensely excited about the value and impact of this first-of-its-kind education program, as it provides a much-needed blueprint for people to thrive within the fast-growing cannabis landscape.”

Students will learn directly from big-name industry leaders in all sectors of operation, including:

Kevin Jodrey – Wonderland Nursery
Jared Mirsky – Wick & Mortar
Avis Bulbulyan – SIVA Enterprises
Ari Sherman – Evo Hemp
Keegan Peterson – Wurk

Courses in this online program include:

  • The Business of Cannabis Cultivation
  • Cannabis Processing & Manufacturing
  • Cannabis Lab Testing and Analytics
  • The Cannabis Retail Guide
  • The Business of Cannabis Distribution
  • The Business of Industrial Hemp
  • Obtaining Licensing in the Cannabis Industry
  • Securing Real Estate for Your Cannabis Business
  • Regulatory Compliance in the Cannabis Industry
  • Marketing in the Cannabis Industry
  • Sales in the Cannabis Industry
  • Accounting Principles in the Cannabis Industry
  • Human Resources and the Cannabis Workforce
  • An Investor’s Guide to the Legal Cannabis Industry
  • Bonus Roundtable Discussion on Cannabis Extraction

To access Cannabis Business Essentials, please visit:

For more information please contact:
Lance Lambert / [email protected]
Kenneth Loo / [email protected]

About Green Flower
Founded in 2014, Green Flower is the undisputed global leader in cannabis education and training to help professionals and enterprises succeed in the industry. From medical, to patient care, to growing, extraction, compliance, legal, and so much more – Green Flower collaborates with the top cannabis minds in the world to create the best training, education tools, and content for those who need it most.