Green Dot Labs’ Premium Black Label Nectar Line Debuts in Colorado’s Adult-Use Cannabis Market

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Cult Favorite Medical Cannabis Concentrates Now Available to Recreational Consumers  
(PRESS RELEASE) BOULDER, COLOGreen Dot Labs, a Boulder, Colo.-based producer of fine cannabis extracts, announced today that its celebrated Black Label Nectar product line – the most reputable concentrates in Colorado and a cult favorite among discerning medical patients for years – will now be available for sale at adult-use, or recreational, dispensaries in Colorado.
The highly anticipated debut marks the first major expansion of the coveted signature product line from Green Dot Labs, Colorado’s longest-running premier cannabis concentrate brand. Produced in-house with careful attention to every step, Black Label Nectar highlights exclusive varietals from Green Dot Labs extensive cannabis genetics library, one of the world’s largest. Each plant is meticulously cultivated in-house using proprietary, pesticide-free methods that encourage resin production. Upon harvest, the plants are flash frozen to preserve peak terpene and cannabinoid content. The resulting award-winning whole-plant extracts are the purest, most flavorful concentrates in Colorado, where they command a premium status and an obsessive following among the most discerning cannabis aficionados.
Now, thanks to an expansion that includes new, state-of-the-art cultivation and extraction facilities, Green Dot Labs is able to offer the rare, meticulously crafted Black Label Nectar line to adult-use consumers for the first time without sacrificing purity, cleanliness, or flavor. The nectars, which are designed to be consumed at lower temperatures to maximize flavor without excessive psychoactive effects, comes with tasting notes developed by Green Dot Labs co-founder Dave Malone to help consumers savor every element of the sensory experience.
Black Label Nectar is the purest expression of cannabis, a true reflection of the countless gifts and benefits offered by the cannabis plant through its resin profile,” says Green Dot Labs co-founder and CEO Alana Malone. “Medical patients in Colorado have enjoyed our extracts for years, and we’re so excited for rec consumers to finally have the chance to explore our legendary genetics and exquisite flavors that make Black Label Nectar Colorado’s leading premium concentrate.
The release is the latest in a series of recent accomplishments for Green Dot Labs. In September, the company finalized a strategic partnership with the cannabis investment firm Tuatara Capital, L.P.. And in November, work will be complete on a newly expanded extraction lab, allowing the company to meet the growing demand for its connoisseur-grade concentrates while maintaining their exacting commitment to quality.
Black Label Nectar will be available for purchase at Colorado’s finest adult-use dispensaries starting on October 26. An early release arrives in select dispensaries on October 12, including A Cut Above (Denver), Doctor’s Orders (Pueblo), Green Dream (Boulder), Kind Love (Glendale), and Breckenridge Organic Therapy (Breckenridge).
About Green Dot Labs
Founded in 2014, Green Dot Labs is Colorado’s premier cannabis cultivation and extraction brand, the first and longest-running regulated business anywhere to focus exclusively on genetics and cultivation for cannabis extracts. Helmed by husband-and-wife team Alana and David Malone, Green Dot Labs is driven by the idea that extracts are the purest expression of cannabis, a true reflection of the plant’s vivid taste profiles and myriad wellness benefits. Green Dot Labs’ three award-winning product lines are sold in nearly 100 medical and recreational dispensaries throughout Colorado, where they command a premium status and an obsessive following among the most discerning cannabis consumers. For more information, visit