Governor Gary Johnson Speaks At The CWCB Expo

Governor Gary Johnson Speaks about Cannabis at the CWCB Expo

We were thrilled to watch Governor Gary Johnson address the crowd at the CWCB Expo. The former two term governor has been a longtime advocate for marijuana reform.  He is currently the Libertarian candidate for president for the 2016 election.

Governor Johnson ran in 2008 as the Libertarian Party candidate as well but seems to be gaining more support this time around.  A recent CBS poll indicated he had the support of 11% of Americans.


With historic negative favorability ratings for both the Democratic Party nominee, Hilary Clinton, and the Republican Party Nominee, Donald Trump, some pundits are optimistic about Mr. Johnson’s chances.

Johnson has a long history with the modern marijuana reform movement.  While many politicians and celebrities are just now feeling comfortable enough with supporting marijuana reform, Gary Johnson has been a long-time supporter of marijuana.  He openly ed the idea as Governor of New Mexico in 1999.

Until recently, Mr. Johnson had also been an executive at Cannabis Sativa Inc.  He stepped down in order to pursue another White House Run.  He has publicaly stated that he has not been smoking marijuana recently, but did admit to eating some edibles.