Fyllo Launches Automated Creative Compliance Verification Tool


CHICAGO – Fyllo, a pioneering technology platform for the cannabis industry, announced it has launched Compass, a new product that makes it easy for brands to verify compliance for any digital asset using proprietary Compliance Recognition Technology. Compass is part of the Fyllo Compliance Cloud, a suite of advanced software and services powered by the cannabis industry’s leading regulatory database, RegsTechnology. Compass lets cannabis businesses verify creative compliance at the federal, state and local level using advanced AI, image recognition, and natural language processing to analyze copy and imagery such as people, products and other objects to detect non-compliant content.

With Compass, cannabis brands can drag and drop any digital asset — display, mobile, social ads, even website assets. Compass will then scan the copy and imagery, including the copywriting, call to action and curative claims as well as the people, products and packaging in the asset. The platform will cross-reference the creative asset with regulations on the federal, state and municipal level as well as on the publisher and platform level. After analyzing, the brand can review its assets compliance status by market and channel, and Compass will also supply recommendations on what can be changed to improve compliance and extend campaign reach.


While Compass is currently being used to facilitate and maintain compliance within the cannabis industry, the technology will soon be made available to other highly regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals and online gambling among others.

“Building a successful cannabis business means having to deal with numerous regulatory hurdles and roadblocks. Each state government and local municipality has its own stringent rules on advertising, which makes it complicated for brands to advertise holistically,” said Chad Bronstein, CEO and founder of Fyllo. “We’ve built Compass using the most advanced AI and image analysis technology to help give clients complete trust and confidence in compliance, so they can put more attention into running much bigger campaigns in better environments.”

Compass supplies cannabis brands with verification capabilities to mitigate risk, increase creative acceptance rates, extend campaign reach and accelerate future campaign development. The technology has been developed on a responsive compliance infrastructure and all analyses are verified against CannaRegs, the most comprehensive cannabis regulatory database in the industry. As new rules and regulations emerge, Compass will update automatically to ensure that asset analysis is always accurate and current.

“For emerging cannabis companies, maintaining creative compliance can be an ongoing headache, and in order to get to the next level they need to spend less time managing and assessing creative assets, and more time focusing on optimizing performance,” said Erik Shani, CTO of Fyllo. “By arming businesses with superior technology and compliance capabilities, we are giving them access to insightful tech-driven tools that will enable them to extend their reach and realize bigger ambitions.”

Leading cannabis brands like Apothecanna, Columbia Care, Papa & Barkley, and Grassroots are some of the most prominent beta partners currently using Compass to ensure creative compliance across all campaigns.

“Despite explosive growth of cannabis advertising, creative compliance remains one of the biggest barriers to scalable marketing,” said Jesse Channon, Chief Growth Officer of Columbia Care. “With the launch of Compass, we can maximize our reach by expanding into new markets while also mitigating risk.”

About Fyllo
Fyllo is leveling the playing field for cannabis companies with the Fyllo Compliance Cloud, a suite of enterprise-grade software and services powered by RegsTechnology, the largest database of cannabis laws and regulations at the federal, state and local level. We deliver advanced data, media, and compliance solutions that are built for the complexities of the cannabis industry today. From local dispensaries to large MSOs and traditional CPG companies, ambitious cannabis brands and industry professionals choose Fyllo as their partner to go bigger and grow faster with trust and confidence in compliance. https://hellofyllo.com