Fotonica Introduces EVA 3 Horticulture Smart Lighting

MAZOR, Israel – The importance of global sustainability is being witnessed across the globe with initiatives already being taken by organizations, researchers and agronomists to overcome the challenge of limited and depleting resources.

One such advancement in the agriculture industry is the introduction of smart horticulture lighting. Essentially, horticulture lighting tunes light according to the required need and by utilizing the unique properties of LED lighting, assists in boosting yields and maintaining plant health, throughout the year.


Typically, greenhouse farmers use sunlight to grow their crops. However, the sun is unpredictable, and in Northern Hemisphere countries where greenhouses are most often used, daylight hours become shorter and shorter during the winter.

With profound knowledge in plant biology and lighting, Israel based Fotonica has developed and patented a revolutionary‌ ‌bio-illumination lighting system that optimizes the growth of cannabis, green leaves, vegetables, and ornamentals while providing real-time data and analytics that ensures maximum crop control and profitability.

Eva 3, Fotonica’s LED technology, provides an optimal lighting solution with highly efficient, precise, and uniform levels of photosynthetic flux density (PPFD). In addition, the innovative Eva 3 utilizes a unique electrical operation technology that enables growers to implement specific light recipes and growth protocols that perfectly match a plant’s phenological stage and biomass development in order to enhance optimal crop yield biomass and quality while reducing energy consumption.

Their holistic approach combines superior electronics, optics and 2 years of R&D collaboration to enable complete control over all lighting parameters.


Fotonica has taken great strides towards designing and developing an LED lighting system that goes above and beyond traditional greenhouse expectations.

Eva 3 smooth surface bars are designed to avoid any interference with airflow and allow for easy cleaning. The heat produced by the LED system is discharged through an active cooling system occupied with convertible filters to avoid any clogging. The system also includes integrated sensors monitoring the functionality and alert the growers in case of required maintenance.

Fotonica’s patented DLED system (Dynamic LED) includes 11 adjustable bands from UVA/UVB to Far Red/IR. High intensity delivering minimum 1,000 μmol from 0.6 – 1.5 m height.


What truly sets Eva 3 apart is its Big Data analysis and community management capabilities, as well as image analysis for early and accurate detection of plant malfunctions such as pathogens (fungi, insects), irrigation quality and plant nutritional deficiencies.

Fotonica’sTM Command & Control software allows growers to effortlessly manage an unlimited amount of units across different geographies through wireless and BT connectivity via Tablet and/or Mobile application.

About Fotonica
Fotonica is an Israeli company established by technology and science veterans, Menachem Schwartz (CEO) and Gennadi Berinsky(CTO) in order to bring innovation and long-term solutions to “Better than Sun” lighting for indoor farming. The Company has developed proprietary technology producing significantly better results in crop yields and quality than conventional HPS and LED lighting with significantly reduced energy consumption.