First Grow Light System From EYE Hortilux Comes With Ceramic HPS Lamp

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Mentor, Ohio – Years of grow lamp technology with ballast and fixture experience has led to a new line of grow light systems from EYE HORTILUX that are designed specifically to more evenly cover your growing area. With uniformity and efficiency in mind, the new systems are optimized to maximize plant growth.

The SE 600 Grow Light System, featuring the Ceramic HPS, is the first available. This system maximizes plant growth for 600 watt HID lamp applications.


Manager of Marketing Communications Mark Thomas said that most system manufacturers don’t actually design around a 600W lamp. “Most system reflectors are too large for a 600 watt lamp and they don’t spread the light efficiently,” Thomas said. “The new SE 600 was designed with a smaller lamp in mind, so it’s a smaller, more focused reflector.”

Thomas also said this is the first in a series of grow light systems that EYE HORTILUX is introducing over the next few months. “We will soon extend this family to include a high UV-output CMH system, an LED system for vegetative to flowering stages of growth, and a unique DE HPS system that will revolutionize lamp installation. We are excited to offer these systems to our growers,” he said.

EYE HORTILUX lamps have always been known for outstanding spectral output that produce outstanding plant quality and high crop yield. Operating the lamp on the included e-ballast assures a consistent and stable power supply for reliable operation. The unique reflector used in the system focuses all available produced light onto the plant canopy for a uniform distribution of photons. By combining these three necessary lighting components, growers are assured of getting maximum plant growth.

The SE 600 Grow System will operate the following EYE HORTILUX 600 watt grow lamps:

Daylight Blue metal halide, Ceramic High-Pressure Sodium, and Super HPS High-Pressure Sodium. The system will also operate with other manufacturer’s 600 watt HPS and metal halide lamps.

For more information on the EYE HORTILUX products, please contact EYE HORTILUX at 877-905-2562, or visit