Fast-Acting, Potent Quiq Cannabis Products Available in Colorado

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DENVER — Denver-based Medically Correct, leaders in cannabis and creators of incredibles, announced today the launch of a new cannabis-infused brand, Quiq, featuring rapid uptake technology for fast-acting absorption and results.

The rapid uptake technology of Quiq allows for faster and fuller absorption resulting in quick onset with shorter duration versus the typical eight hours. The Quiq product line includes handcrafted consumables and topicals with 17 medical and recreational products including chocolates, tinctures, suppositories, and salves.


“The challenge with edibles in our industry has been the uncertainty with controlling the cannabis experience,” said Medically Correct Co-Founder and President Bob Eschino. “With Quiq, you will feel results in 5-15 minutes and it lasts 2-4 hours to better accommodate an active lifestyle and daily activities.”

Fast-acting and potent effects through rapid absorption technology

Since cannabinoids are fat-soluble and hydrophobic, the body is slow to absorb many of these compounds. Innovative biochemists have developed emulsifiers, enabling accelerated absorption. Quiq products are infused with purified oil rich in THC. When the emulsifier base is added to pure oil, it coats each individual bead of oil, keeping the droplets separated from each other. As the emulsified oil is mixed into a topical or consumable, the droplets become smaller and smaller – the smaller the particles, the more easily they may be absorbed in the body.

Medically Correct created Quiq in response to consumers’ feedback on the desire for consistency and more control with cannabis products, but also immediate, stronger effects and greater value. Through an extensive research and development process to incorporate the most effective emulsion-based technology, Quiq was developed with high-quality and sustainable ingredients.

“Feedback from consumers, especially experienced cannabis users, led us to create the largest number of fast-acting cannabis products on the market to accommodate a variety of situations and applications,” said Rick Scarpello, co-founder and CEO of Medically Correct. “Quiq takes away the unknowns with edibles and gives consumers more reliability of when the product will take effect and stop. Those heightened results in a shorter time allow consumers to reduce their regular dose by half and save money.”

Quiq products will be available at select medical and recreational dispensaries in Colorado in June. Quiq sales will help families and patients in need through donations to Leaf411’s Affordability Program.

For the last decade, Medically Correct has produced market leading cannabis products, and in 2019 BDS Analytics ranked the company as No. 1 in infused chocolates and No. 2 in all edibles and ingestibles in Colorado. Medically Correct is led by cannabis industry veterans using cutting edge-technology and quality ingredients that are lab-tested for consistency, safety and quality.

The full lineup of medical and recreational products from Quiq include:

  • Chocolates: With gluten-free ingredients, all-natural colors and infused with cannabis-derived terpenes, the edibles provide an encompassing body high and relaxation
    • 1:1 Hybrid White Chocolate
      • MED: 500mg CBD:500mg THC per container │ 50mg CBD:50mg THC per serving
      • REC:100mg CBD:100mg THC per container │ 10mg CBD:10mg THC per serving
    • Indica Dark Chocolate / Sativa Milk Chocolate
      • MED: 500mg THC per container │ 50mg THC per serving
      • REC:100mg THC per container │ 10mg THC per serving
  • Tinctures: With premium cannabis and mint extract to easily microdose any beverage for extended effects or infuse into any topical for external relief
    • 1:1 Tincture
      • MED: 500mg THC:500mg CBD per container │ 16.6mg THC:16.6mg CBD per dropper
      • REC:100mg CBD:100mg THC per container │ 3.3mg CBD:3.3mg THC per dropper
    • 20:1 Tincture
      • MED/REC: 50mg THC:1000mg CBD per container │ 8mg CBD:1.6mg THC per dropper
    • THC Tincture
      • MED: 1000mg THC per container │ 33.3mg THC per dropper
      • REC:100mg THC per container │ 3.3mg THC per dropper
  • Suppositories: Includes all-natural ingredients, white beeswax, coconut oil and cannabis extract
    • 1:1 Suppository (10 pack)
      • MED:500mg CBD:500mg THC per container │ 50mg CBD:50mg THC per dose
      • REC: 250mg CBD:250mg THC per container │ 25mg CBD:25mg THC per dose
    • THC Suppository (10 pack)
      • MED: 2500mg THC per container │ 250mg THC per dose
      • REC: 250mg CBD:250mg THC per container │ 25mg CBD:25mg THC per dose
  • Salve: Includes all-natural plant medicines including mountain arnica for targeted pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects
    • Extra Strength Salve: 1000mg THC per container

About Quiq: Quiq is a handcrafted line of cannabis products with rapid uptake technology for fast-acting absorption and results. With a mission to empower and control the cannabis experience, Quiq features chocolates, tinctures, suppositories, and salves for medical and recreational use. Quiq is part of the Denver-based Medically Correct award-winning portfolio of brands led by cannabis industry veterans. For more information, visit