EduBirdie Survey Reveals Generation Z Will Still Celebrate 4/20 This Year

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NEW YORK – One of the most popular holidays celebrated by younger generations – 4/20 – will be celebrated differently this year due to social distancing and self-quarantining. EduBirdie – a hub for Gen Z insights and statistics – found that 70% of Gen Z will be participating this year, and a new survey reveals how they are planning on spending the holiday, as well as how people are consuming cannabis and go-to munchies.

With not much to do at home day after day, Gen Z has taken it upon themselves to extend 4/20 with an early start date. EduBirdie found that because of social distancing, this generation’s cannabis consumption has almost doubled. To find out more about how self-quarantining has affected Gen Z in regards to cannabis consumption, EduBirdie conducted a survey of its users. Insights include:

  • Less than 30% of participants said they will enjoy the holiday on their own and just relax.
  • Fifty five percent of respondents suggested that cannabis helps relieve their stress caused by media hysteria and overall uncertainty about the future. 
  • More than 40% reported that they will celebrate the holiday with their friends over video chat, as it is currently the most popular means of communication amongst the generation.
  • Ten percent of those celebrating 4/20 are going to wait until their daily schedules and work are complete before indulging.
  • When comparing responses from those who consume cannabis and those who do not, EduBirdie learned that “potheads” have a more optimistic view of the current state of the world.

“4/20 has always been a popular holiday among different generations and now people of Generation Z are becoming the legal age to consume, so they are indulging as well,” said Avery Morgan, Senior Editor and Director of Communications at EduBirdie. “In fact, when asked their favorite holiday, almost 30% of cannabis consumers shared that 4/20 is one of their top three holidays to celebrate. After seeing the results of EduBirdie’s survey, it is no surprise that Gen Z is taking advantage of social distancing and extending the green holiday. ”

There are many ways to consume cannabis and despite the 30% that reported they won’t be participating in 4/20, Gen Z has all the bases covered. EduBirdie found that because of health and safety concerns, more people are turning to edibles or personal vapes rather than shared joints. The breakdown of ways Gen Z will be consuming are below.

  1. Edibles such as brownies, gummies, or lollipops (30%)
  2. Vape pens with cannabis oil (25%)
  3. Smoking joints or bowls (15%) 

A well-known side effect of consuming cannabis is getting the “munchies,” which is when individuals’ appetites increase due to having cannabis in their systems. EduBirdie asked its users to share their favorite snacks that they always have in arms-reach when indulging. The top 10 answers are as follows:

  1. Pizza and cheesy bread
  2. Nachos
  3. Burger and fries
  4. Chips
  5. Cookies
  6. Ice cream
  7. Tacos
  8. Noodles such as Ramen and Lo Mein
  9. Mac and cheese
  10. Cereal

EduBirdie’s most recent survey had 1,150 participants from Generation Z. The content creation platform primarily serves a Generation Z audience and conducts regular studies to gain insights into the thoughts and behaviors of this population. For more information, visit

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