ebbu Joins with Colorado Cultivars in Major Cultivation Project

ebbu mg magazine
ebbu mg magazine

DENVER — ebbu, one of the leading cannabinoid research companies in the world, is continuing to push the frontier of hemp cultivation by partnering with the largest hemp grower in Colorado, sustainability-minded Colorado Cultivars.

Colorado Cultivars’ massive hemp farm measures 2000 acres and is registered with the Colorado Department of Agriculture.  The majority of its acreage is USDA Certified Organic, with organic farming practices used on the remainder. The company, formed in 2014, produces CBD oil and several food components, including hemp hearts, powder and oil that is a key ingredient in products from Nutiva, New Belgian Brewery and evo hemp, among others.


With ebbu, the hemp grower will be engaged in outdoor cultivation of plants that produce higher yields of various cannabinoids, including cannabidiol (CBD), and producing unique products with a specific genetic profile.

Colorado Cultivars is well positioned to offer leading-edge hemp genetics, as it has been a forerunner in high-yield CBD genetics. The company holds a master research contract with Colorado State University to study phytoremediation of contaminated soil, hemp food nutrition and medical impacts of hemp-derived cannabinoid oil.

“What is attractive about ebbu is the advanced technology they bring to the table,” says John Gallegos, Managing Partner of Colorado Cultivars. “Their respected science pairs with our sustainable practices. We see this as an opportunity to expand our business, offer unique products and further the industry.”

With more than 40 cannabis-related patents filed representing 1,500-plus inventions, the ebbu science team is an established global leader in data-driven, lab-tested cannabinoid research. ebbu’s superior, patented plant genetics maximize cannabinoid output by boosting in-plant cannabinoid production and creating rare, cannabinoid-specific plants.

“Colorado Cultivars are well known for their organic farming methods, their interest in genetic research and for being the most experienced large-scale hemp cultivator in the region, so it is a good, logical fit,” said Jon Cooper, CEO of ebbu. “We bring the advanced technology; they bring the farming firepower.”

In the first year of the partnership, Colorado Cultivars will grow up to 400,000 cannabinoid-rich hemp plants on 250 acres. The first crop will be comprised of two specific genetic strains; one produces large amounts of CBD, the other is a prime source for cannabigerol (CBG), a lesser-known but powerful cannabinoid.

ebbu will provide inoculated plants known as “mothers” to Colorado Cultivars, which will then produce clones of the mothers, with the guidance and expertise of ebbu’s scientists. Colorado Cultivar will then plant, grow and process the plants, and distribute the resulting CBD and CBG products to ebbu’s clients.

Damian Farris, Colorado Cultivars’ agronomist, will supervise the project, assisted by Director of Botany Shani Coleman. Both have worked on Colorado Cultivars’ own genetics programs, and will be joined by their team of experienced hemp cultivars.