Drug Plastics & Glass Launches New Tools to Calculate Carbon Footprint

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BOYERTOWN, Pa. – In today’s world, protecting the environment and the planet for future generations is becoming more and more important. Drug Plastics is committed to sustainability and are continually looking for ways to not only reduce our own carbon footprint, but to help our customers do the same.  The Company recently launched six new Sustainability Calculators, to assist their customers in becoming more informed about their carbon footprint.

“From switching to more eco-friendly resin and eliminating flame treatment, to calculating the savings gained from choosing PET plastic over glass, or eliminating collateral packaging, these calculators show how making simple changes can have a big impact on the environment,” said Jeff Johnson, Director of Marketing and Business Development.


The sustainability calculators include:

  • PCR PET Resin Sustainability Calculator: Reduce greenhouse gases by making new products from PCR PET removes plastic from the environment by converting PET plastic discarded by the consumer back into resin that can be used again.
  • Flaming Elimination Calculator: Conserve fossil fuels by opting out of the flame treatment process traditionally used to ensure water-based adhesive labels and silk screening would adhere properly to HDPE, LDPE, and PP bottles.  Today, this is not always necessary.*
  • Bag Reduction Calculator: Determine the individual savings when you move to single bagging instead of double bagging bottles and closures inside the carton.
  • Concentrate Elimination Calculator: Switch from white pigmented bottles to those made with resin in its natural color state and eliminate CO2 emissions.
  • Glass to PET Conversion Calculator: PET requires less energy to produce and saves on transportation costs.
  • Glass to HDPE Conversion Calculator: See the sustainable improvements in weight, transportation costs, and durability when you use HDPE instead of glass.

*We recommend consulting with your label provider.

Drug Plastics is committed to providing sustainable choices for our customers. The Sustainability Calculators were developed to provide important information to make the right packaging choices. Join us in conserving our world’s natural resources for years to come. Visit www.DrugPlastics.com for more information.

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