Donnelly Group Launches Wholesale Distribution Venture Goodtrip Supply

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – Canadian hospitality company, Donnelly Group, launched its latest venture, wholesale cannabis accessories distributor, Goodtrip Supply. Donnelly Group’s Hobo Recreational Cannabis Store (Hobo Rec.) locations across Canada will now have access to a carefully curated, globally sourced, and diversified catalogue of cannabis accessories and tools, much of which was previously unavailable in Canada. As part of the organization’s national growth strategy, this launch comes on the heels of the fourth Hobo Rec. location opening in as many months, with an additional two stores slated to open in British Columbia later this summer.
“The launch of Goodtrip Supply not only signals, but clearly cements, our commitment to see Canada’s cannabis industry thrive on the global scale,” says Harrison Stoker, VP Brand & Culture at Donnelly Group. “As one of Canada’s first wholesale cannabis accessory distribution ventures, Goodtrip Supply will change the way our retail locations approach their store offerings, sourcing products that are aligned with the values and cannabis culture that inspired our retail vision. For the first time, Hobo Recreational Cannabis Stores and, by extension, our customers will have access to a thoughtfully curated catalogue of some of the best accessories available on the global market. Following the warm reception and success of our retail locations in Ontario and British Columbia, we’re excited to carry our momentum forward for the betterment of the industry and its supporters.”
As a wholesale distributor with access to an extensive catalogue of specially curated products largely unavailable in the Canadian market, Goodtrip Supply will provide Hobo Rec. with a necessary solution to the limited offerings shared by cannabis retail operators nationwide. Through their growing investment in the rapidly developing national cannabis industry, Hobo Rec. will better cater to the varied needs of the expanding demographic of cannabis consumers.
Hobo Recreational Cannabis Store’s four locations now include Centretown (391 Bank Street, Ottawa), Airport (8425 Granville Street, Vancouver), Main (4296 Main Street, Vancouver), and Kelowna (2121 Springfield Road), offering consumers a selection of five cannabis intents: Move (THC dominant), Lift (THC leaning), Balance (equal parts THC to CBD), Calm (CBD dominant), and Rest (THC dominant). Two additional locations, slated to open in Vancouver’s popular Kitsilano neighbourhood and on Robson Street, are currently under construction.
About Goodtrip Supply
A privately-owned Canadian wholesale distribution company, Goodtrip Supply offers an exclusive, diversified catalogue of economically sourced cannabis accessory products to Hobo Recreational Cannabis Stores across Canada. Through the distribution of curated, wholesale cannabis accessories, Hobo Rec. retail locations across the country and, by extension, customers gain access to a broad range of thoughtfully curated product offerings previously unavailable in the Canadian market. For more information, visit
About Hobo Recreational Cannabis Store
Hobo Recreational Cannabis Store, a Donnelly Group venture, is a Canadian collection of privately-owned retail cannabis stores with locations in B.C. and Ontario. As a testament to Hobo Rec.’s commitment to the consumer experience and making the cannabis buying experience disarming, compassionate and human, each of Hobo Rec.’s nine locations will employ a contemporary aesthetic rooted in simple, functional design and feature a well-considered product range and frictionless technology. Hobo Recreational Cannabis Store plans to hire over 200 retail positions in the coming months. For more information, visit
About Donnelly Group
Donnelly Group is an award winning and diversified hospitality company, operating in both Vancouver and Toronto. With a collection of brands including public houses, cocktail taverns and barbershops whose values reflect strength in community, an emphasis on great food, honest beer and spirits, paired with a disruptive design and the desire to create a genuinely human experience.
In Vancouver, Donnelly Group, operates pubs Blackbird, Lamplighter, Butcher & Bullock, Library Square, Cinema, New Oxford, Tavern, Three Brits, Railway Stage and Sing Sing, cocktail clubs Granville Room and Clough Club, five barbershops under Barber & Co, as well as restaurant, Royal Dinette. In Toronto it operates pubs Belfast Love, Death & Taxes, Walrus, Pong Bar, cocktail club Gift Shop, two barbershops under Barber & Co, and Lovejoy Cafe. For more information, visit