Desiccare Inc. Celebrates 25 Years of Innovation and Client Solutions

LAS VEGAS – Desiccare Inc., a leading manufacturer of atmospheric control solutions, is celebrating 25 years of business this year. The humidity and oxygen control provider has grown substantially since its inception in 1994, working closely with clients to customize packaging solutions that buttress against the effects of excess humidity or excess oxygen in order to retain product integrity, whether during the shipping phase or its shelf life.

In 25 years of growth, Desiccare has amassed a clientele that spans the globe and has expanded with operational presence in the eastern and western United States and Mexico. A key factor in Desiccare’s success has been the creativity and high standards held by its chemical laboratories in both Mississippi and Mexico. The company offers a full line of standard and custom sorbent products made from primarily from clay, silica and activated carbon ingredients that service a variety of industrial and consumer requirements trusted worldwide. Desiccare’s offerings enable safe keeping and longevity for products ranging from apparel to food and from pharmaceuticals to technology, servicing a broad spectrum of industries, countering such wide-scale problems as food waste and spoilage, oxidation of critical nutrients for human consumption and the prevention of mold.


The company’s devotion to ensuring they can provide for different customer needs has been the driving cause for the diversity of its offerings, quantities and packaging options over the years. The range of atmospheric control solutions have been built to cater to varying relative humidity (RH) requirements, product volume and containers, from simple mason jars to large-scale, overseas shipping containers.

“Providing far superior service has been our goal for the past 25 years.’” said Ken Blankenhorn, president and CEO of Desiccare, Inc. “We have taken great pride in building outstanding customer service. Over the years we have enhanced our production efficiencies time and time again to maintain a strong position of price competitiveness.”

While Desiccare remains committed to business-to-business customer solutions, the company introduced a business-to-consumer line in recent years, IntegraTM by Desiccare. This business unit offers similar atmospheric control solutions for more consumer-specific storage requirements, including but not limited to tobacco, cannabis and pantry products.

“Desiccare has grown and entered new verticals because of the investments it has made in both its committed team members and its research and development arm,” said Ben Blankenhorn, manager of new business development, who’s been with the company through its evolution and witnessed the company’s expansion into varying verticals, including the cannabis industry. “A few years ago, we were overseeing a machine project at a kale chip facility. The idea hit us that we could take our knowledge and apply it to the emerging cannabis markets. With little research, it was clear that we could enter that market with a superior product.”

Those interested in learning more about Desiccare can visit or email [email protected] For media inquiries, contact Rachel Gattuso at [email protected] or (775) 336-9453.

About Desiccare, Inc.
Desiccare, Inc. is an industry leader in controlled atmospheric packaging with a full line of standard and custom sorbent products servicing a variety of industrial and consumer requirements. Desiccare products are trusted by companies worldwide for protection in applications for pharmaceutical, electronics, food, transportation, and government industries. Desiccare’s quality control and dependable product performance is trusted by many of the world’s largest pharmaceutical, electronic, agriculture, and meat industry suppliers. Desiccare holds ISO 9000:2008 and QPL certifications, and also qualifies by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and military specifications. IntegraTM by Desiccare, provides desiccant solutions for consumers with pantry items, cannabis and tobacco storage needs related to precise humidity control.