Colorado Cannabis Bakery Introduces its First pure Distillate Infused Microdose Edible

FruitSnacks tube rs

(PRESS RELEASE) DENVER—Sweet Grass Kitchen is adding an innovative, new microdose product to their mix. Fruit Snacks contain 5mg of active THC per piece with a total of twenty pieces, 100mg per package. These edibles are one of the very first distillate gummies on the Colorado market and perfect for helping the “canna-curious” and seasoned stoner alike, to discover their own unique groove when it comes to cannabis.

“In the spirit of ‘Start Low, Go Slow,’” Founder and CEO, Julie Berliner says, “our microdose Fruit Snacks are the perfect way to learn where your tolerance level stands.” Low doses of THC can be a stimulant and higher doses can be more of a hypnotic. Therefore, microdosing is perfect for reaping the benefits of cannabis without the unwanted psychoactive effects.


Consistency has always been king at Sweet Grass Kitchen, which is why they chose to infuse their Fruit Snacks with raw, uncut and fully activated THC distillate. Regarded as the “top-shelf concentrate” on the market, distillate is comprised of 99 percent fully activated THC and visually represents a high level of purity. Thanks to its tasteless nature, the Fruit Snacks’ natural mixed berry fruit flavors can shine through in a light and enjoyable way.

“I’ve always loved fruit snacks as a kid, especially since my parents never kept candy around,” says Sweet Grass Kitchen executive chef, Lauren Finesilver. “They are great to share and everyone always gets excited when fruit snacks are around. I hope they can be the snack for those on the go to have the perfect cannabis adventure.”

Sweet Grass Kitchen products are available in 400 dispensaries throughout Colorado.