Cannabis Software and Consulting Leader MJ Freeway Announces The Only Generation 2 Cannabis Technology.

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Denver, CO– MJ Freeway, the leading provider of business management solutions and consulting services for the cannabis industry, today announced that it will be implementing a comprehensive rollout plan for the recently enhanced seed-to-sale software, MJ Platform. This announcement comes as a phase-out plan that’s also being released for those customers currently using the original software, Trackers.

“We take tremendous pride in being innovators in the cannabis industry and yet we know that with all innovation comes tough challenges in the face of growth,” said CEO Amy Poinsett. “Over the past years, technology in all industries has changed and the cannabis industry is no different. Although our original software, Trackers, was groundbreaking eight years ago, we now have a better solution available for our customers that provides superior features and reliability.”
The enhanced seed-to-sale software, MJ Platform will allow companies to capture the most critical data, from growth forecasting and day-to-day operations management, to customer shopping trends and vendor quality control—all on one platform.
MJ Platform, the only true ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) for the cannabis industry, allows dispensaries, manufacturers, or grow facilities to not only track its own business objectives and performance in real-time, but gives unprecedented real-time access to market view comparison data. Platform has had 100% up time since its original release in November 2016, and it is the only generation 2 software in the cannabis industry, built directly from our 8 years of experience working closely with cannabis operators.



Other features of the new platform include:

  • Real-time data visualizations and predictive analytics
  • Compliance with cannabis regulations
  • Task management and scheduling for employees
  • Plant forecasting based on historical yields
  • Built-in vendor tracking and order management
  • Integration through an open API with state tracking systems, business management technology tools, including HR, accounting, marketing, and more
  • Cost management for equipment, materials, and labor
  • Supply chain management for raw materials, distribution, and wholesale tracking


Currently, more than 1000 customers are utilizing the original Tracker software for all three verticals which will be phased out next year. During the transition period, MJ Freeway will be assisting those customers with training on the software features and matching them with an assigned customer care specialist who can help migrate data from Trackers to MJ Platform.
“When we first developed the original software, we just wanted to help growers, manufacturers, and dispensaries effectively run sustainable businesses and show people the importance of cannabis,” said COO, Jessica Billingsley. “Although we’ve experienced our share of growing pains, we are committed to continuing to do just that. Our vision is to help more cannabis companies serve more customers, increase their presence in the industry, and maximize revenue growth. We know that the enhancements we’ve made to MJ Platform will outperform anything else on the market.”