Cannabis Investment Book Predicts Controversial Changes in Marijuana Industry

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Screen Shot 2017 11 13 at 2.45.29 PM

Michael Brubeck, author of “Tipping the Scale” and owner of Centuria–the country’s largest CBD manufacturer–shares insight gleaned from 12 years in the cannabis business

Las Vegas, NV (Nov. 13, 2017) — In Amazon bestseller “Tipping the Scale: The Book That Changed Everything You Know About Investing in Cannabis,” a 140-page roadmap for investors seeking to understand the legal cannabis industry and the first-ever book of its kind, author Michael Brubeck lays out provocative, controversial and insightful cannabis industry predictions. The owner and founder of Centuria, the largest CBD manufacturer in the country with over 262 tons of cannabis in the past year, Brubeck has spent 12 years developing proprietary technologies for each stage of cannabis production, and in the process, has uncovered every vulnerability in the industry. All book proceeds will be donated to federal lobbying efforts and cannabis nonprofits.

As the cannabis industry evolves at the federal and state level, the billions of dollars in monthly sales across the country speak for themselves – cannabis demand is high. There is no question the demand will continue to build, but can the cottage grower industry support the rise? The current cost of production per cannabis gram ranges from $1.50 to $4.00, and is limited in scale due to costly processes. Michael Brubeck is currently growing cannabis at one penny per gram by applying new growing and harvesting technology that can immediately adapt to increased market demand.
“The current standards in cannabis are unsustainable, and the costs are exorbitant,” explains Brubeck. “Investors need to know that long-term success hinges on scalability to meet demand and right now, no one in the market can do that.”
“Tipping the Scale” shares the secrets to the future of cannabis, and will change the entire business model for a nascent industry in flux. The book covers how to make sound investments by understanding how the cannabis industry operates, its history, the directions it has taken, how it is changing overnight and what the future holds.
5 Industry Predictions from “Tipping the Scale”
Cannabis will be federally legal at the state level within the next five years and market consolidation is inevitable following federal legalization.
In the next three to five years, 90% of cannabis investors will lose all of their money if they don’t pivot to scalable models.
Collectivization for cottage industry growers is the key to their survival. It is the fastest way to lower costs and improve production as cannabis legalization evolves federally and globally.
Low or no-THC cannabis products will sit on the supermarket and drugstore shelves next to Tums and Advil by 2022.
Between 2025-2035 a significant portion of pharmaceutical medicines will be derived from cannabis and contain cannabinoids. This includes medication for diabetes, cancer, epilepsy and more.
“Tipping the Scale” was published by Lioncrest Publishing and is available for purchase on as an e-reader for $0.99 or paperback for $15.99. For press inquiries or to request a press copy, please contact [email protected] or 303.877.0738.