Buddi Partners with Cova and Greenline POS for Online Payments and Delivery

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VANCOUVER – Buddi, a Canadian company based in Vancouver, BC, and the Canadian leader in cannabis menu services, is pleased to announce the launch of cannabis online payments and delivery integrations with Cova and Greenline POS. The services are now available in Ontario and will be made available Canada-wide as permitted by provincial regulatory bodies.

“We’ve been working with both Greenline and Cova since before legalization and continue to collaborate on bringing new services to cannabis retailers on what seems like a daily basis. We’re excited to launch click & collect payments and cannabis delivery with the two most trusted point-of-sale systems in the Canadian cannabis industry.” – Ryan Lalonde, CEO of Buddi Payment processing company Merrco serves as the payment processing system for both Greenline POS and Cova. When online orders are made through Buddi Click & Collect, the card details will be sent to Merrco for authentication, it then automatically processes the payment and updates inventory levels accordingly.


“This is a huge step for Canadian cannabis retailers at this time of constrained retailing,” said Gary Cohen, CEO of Cova POS, “especially in Ontario where we work with nearly 90% of Ontario’s stores and have rallied the province to keep them open. Buddi not only offers a full suite to help our retailers adapt and grow, but their seamless integrations with Cova allow for a smooth, automated process that consumers and budtenders will really love.”

Calvin Ho, COO of Greenline POS echoed the same stating, “Buddi has been a pleasure to work with, and Greenline is glad to integrate with such a valuable partner. Buddi’s service to our customers with click-and-collect and delivery has been essential for cannabis retailers looking to keep their doors open and expand during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.”

The click & collect payment integration allows customer information to be passed over so stores can easily identify who placed the order and even allows customers to enter a pickup time so staff can prioritize orders that are being picked up sooner. For delivery, the customer’s address will be collected as well, and stores have the option of adding a flat delivery fee that will be applied at the moment of purchase.

“The way the integration was built was critical for ensuring the retailer had a seamless way to take an order and fulfill it efficiently. The integration completes the sale and adjusts inventory all at once – there’s nothing left for the staff to do but put it in the bag.” – Ryan Lalonde, CEO of Buddi.

About Buddi
Buddi is a Canadian technology company, based in Vancouver, BC, focused on software solutions for Canadian licensed cannabis retailers and producers. Founded in 2017, Buddi’s suite of cannabis retailer technologies includes in-store interactive tablet menus, ordering kiosks, education systems, delivery, and online menu and click & collect services. Buddi serves over 250 licensed stores across Canada.For further information about Buddi’s services, visit www.buddi.io or email [email protected]

About Cova
Cova is an award-winning POS and Inventory Management platform designed to streamline cannabis retail. A compliance-first company, Cova not only meets all federal and provincial regulations, but constantly adapts to changing rules to make compliance simple for owners and employees, reducing the risk of infractions and fines. In addition to automated compliance features such as 1-click provincial reports, Cova offers an intuitive, user-friendly design and lightning-fast transaction time. Its technology platform currently powers nearly 90% of Ontario cannabis stores in Ontario, with 52% of all cannabis retailers in Canada choosing Cova. This makes Cova the most robust and reliable cannabis POS system available with virtually no downtime, even on 4/20. Headquartered in Vancouver BC, Cova’s team spans Canada, with offices in Regina, Winnipeg, and Toronto. Learn more at www.covasoftware.com.

About Greenline POS
Greenline POS is a cannabis retail point-of-sale solution built by Canadians, for Canadians. Greenline’s focus on Canadian one-click compliance reporting, purchase order automation, and rapid deployment makes them one of the best solutions for Canadian cannabis retailers. Learn more at https://getgreenline.co