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HIGHLIGHTERPLUS main e1512080901330

HIGHLIGHTER PLUS Features Advanced Heating Technology, a More Powerful Battery, and THC Distillate-Fueled Cartridges.

SAN FRANCISCO, California — November 30, 2017 — San Francisco-based medical cannabis company BLOOM FARMS is proud to announce the release of HIGHLIGHTER PLUS, which represents an advancement in vaporization technology and experience through the vapor pen’s heating element, battery and cannabis distillate.

Central to its advancements is the cartridge design: The porous ceramic wick has a fully integrated, embedded coil heating element, which allows for clean, even heating of the cannabis oil. As a result, patients who require a potent dose, which distillate offers, can draw repeatedly without burning the cannabis oil—a common issue with other vape pens. With the HIGHLIGHTER PLUS, consumers can vaporize at a low, consistent temperature for better flavor and a safer experience.


A powerful new battery generates up to 10 watts and is built to emphasize consistent power over irregular heat. The resulting HIGHLIGHTER PLUS experience includes a better vapor plume, more substantial dose and more consistent draw of the new THC distillate.

BLOOM FARMS is currently updating the original HIGHLIGHTER vapor pen line with much of the same technology, improving these best-selling customer favorites.

“While the HIGHLIGHTER will continue to please people with a more moderate tolerance, the HIGHLIGHTER PLUS caters to those who desire a stronger, more potent dose while still supporting our community-driven values,” said BLOOM FARMS CEO Michael Ray.

Inside every HIGHLIGHTER PLUS cartridge is one of BLOOM FARMS’ special blends of premium, high-potency cannabis distillate testing between 75 and 90 percent THC content. Each THC distillate cartridge—which has been gently refined, meticulously lab-tested and blended with cannabis-derived terpenes—is packaged in an FDA-approved, BPA-free tank and is free of additional additives. HIGHLIGHTER PLUS launches with three signature blend options: Sativa, Indica and Hybrid. Strain-specific single-origin varietals are expected soon.

HIGHLIGHTER PLUS takes its aesthetic cues from the original HIGHLIGHTER’s sleek design—adding fine details like a luxurious plated stainless steel finish, polycarbonate mouthpiece and precision-etched enclosure to elegantly finish the technology and truly marry form and function.

With advancements to both performance and aesthetics, HIGHLIGHTER PLUS represents the next phase of BLOOM FARMS’ mission to help millions of people find relief, relaxation, creativity and happiness.

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