Bloom Farms Granted California Temporary Cannabis Manufacturing and Distribution Licenses

Bloom Farms

OAKLAND, California — January 2, 2018 —Bloom Farms™, one of California’s leading manufacturers and distributors of high quality cannabis products, announced today it has been granted temporary cannabis manufacturing and distribution licenses in California.

“We are proud to be among the first licensed adult-use manufacturers and distributors in California,” said Bloom Farms CEO Michael Ray.  “These licenses are a recognition of the significant investment we’ve made over the past four years in building a highly compliant business that offers great products and gives back to the community.”


Ray continued: “I’d like to thank California Bureau of Cannabis Control Chief Laurie Ajax and her team and the countless local officials we work with for their efforts and partnership. Engineering an orderly transition to legal adult-use cannabis without market disruption required significant effort and that work will long be appreciated by cannabis business owners, employees and customers.”

With the licenses, Bloom Farms is able to operate in full compliance with California’s new medical and adult-use cannabis programs. Importantly, obtaining licenses by January 1, 2018, enables Bloom Farms to manufacturer its products — including its highly acclaimed HIGHLIGHTER line of vapor pens — and distribute Bloom Farm and other leading cannabis brands without interruption. This allows Bloom Farms and it’s licensed dispensary partners to continue to meet the needs of their customers, sustain thousands of jobs, and provide significant tax revenue to state and local authorities.

Uninterrupted sales of Bloom Farms products means Bloom Farms also will be able to continue its social mission as a one-for-one business.  Since 2015, for every product sold, Bloom Farms donates money to food banks across the state to cover the cost of sourcing and distributing a healthy meal. Bloom Farms expects to reach one million meals donated later this month.

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