baceae Brings CBD Edibles to the New Wave of Cannabis Consumers

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Focusing on high-quality food first edibles utilizing pure & legal hemp CBD.

Cambria, CA: Mike Coulson, Owner of baceae (, a “food first” cannabis edible company, announced today that it has entered into the legal cbd market. baceae, which launched their original THC edibles in 2016, is uniquely positioning itself to be a leader in CBD edibles, one of the fastest growing segments of the legal cannabis market.

“While building our foundation in the more saturated THC edible market, we have seen a recent explosion of interest in CBD and other cannabinoids beyond THC, for the aspects of health and wellness” Coulson says. “With new research coming out all the time about our endocannabinoid system and how CBD works with our natural cannabinoids like anandamide, we knew we had to explore this area ourselves and share the benefits with a new wave of legal cannabis consumers coming into the industry.”


baceae is providing dispensaries and health food stores across California their familiar offerings of peanut butter cups, chocolate tarts, granola bars, hemp bars, truffles and turtles, but now with 10 mg of CBD per serving from pure hemp extract. Offering edibles to a new wave of cannabis consumers to whom are increasingly seeking out a variety of cannabis products beyond THC, that will help with their health & wellness goals in the most delicious way possible.

With this launch, baceae raises the bar by expanding to both THC & CBD cannabis consumers who want a full flavored organic, ethically grown, vegan, and gluten-free edible.

About baceae: Established and headquartered in Cambria, CA in 2016 by partners Mike Coulson & Miho Watanabe, baceae utilizes clean green certified cannabis along with organic and ethically grown ingredients, to craft food first edibles. Providing the experience of a full flavor snack along with the benefits of cannabis, while living your daily life.

Mike Coulson
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