Award-Winning Infused Product Maker incredibles Rebrands Packaging as Manufacturer Rapidly Expands

incredibles   new packaging FN 2030 mg magazine 1
incredibles new packaging FN 2030 mg magazine 1
DENVER — Leading cannabis brand incredibles continues to set industry standards as it debuts a sophisticated redesign for its award-winning line of infused chocolate bars. The maker of incredibles, incredible Wellness® and incredible Extracts® is one of the country’s most diverse, trusted and top awarded cannabis products.
The gluten-free, artisan chocolate bars are available in over eighteen flavors of cannabis-infused gourmet goodness. And now, these top-selling bars are available in truly artistic packaging.
“Our new look is a perfect showcase for why incredibles are the top-selling edible: It’s all about standout flavor,” said Bob Eschino, Founder & President of incredibles and MC Brands. “The strong visual design and innovative use of packaging to ensure airtight freshness and structural integrity sets our products apart as we solidify our brand’s national position as a leading producer of premium infused products. We’ve already seen a fantastic reception from the marketplace and seen marked sales increases. ”
The company’s top awarded, handcrafted infused edibles, including organic fruit juice gummies, low-dose mints and and high-CBD tarts are already available in dispensaries in Colorado, California, Nevada, Oregon and Illinois. And incredibles plans to continue expanding its reach to customers in additional states with regulated medical and adult-use cannabis markets.
incredibles’ internal team worked with artists and photographers to create the eye-catching new package illustrations, which integrates imagery of each chocolate bar’s individual exploding ingredients—a nod to the bar’s previous packaging. In the new design, the featured ingredients swirl around the company logo, from the cranberries and habaneros in the Fireberry dark chocolate bar to bananas, coconut and walnuts in the Monkey Bar milk chocolate bar, and beyond.
“incredibles has always prided itself on producing the most delicious infused craft confectionary products made with only the highest quality, natural ingredients,” said Rick Scarpello, Founder & CEO of incredibles and MC Brands. “Our new packaging is a sophisticated reflection of our premium quality.”
Using the highest quality cannabis and manufactured with proprietary extraction equipment, incredibles continues to build on its reputation as an innovative, dependable, compliance-focused company with its new redesigned packaging that includes child-lock technology, airtight seals and compliance features to exceed regulatory requirements in every state its products are sold.
The company has been setting industry standards for testing, packaging and labeling of infused products for years. The trailblazing company recognized the importance of safe packaging and clear labeling early on, and was one of the first to begin testing for potency and stamping for safety. The company worked alongside Colorado lawmakers to enact regulations enhancing the transparency and safety of all edible products in the state.
“Thoughtful but discreet details on the new packaging pay homage to early advocates and influencers who embraced the brand and helped us grow to where we are today,” said incredibles National Marketing Director Lily Colley, who spearheaded the company’s national rebrand. “We wanted to let the rich ingredients and colors tell the story on the new design, with creative visuals that create an endearing visceral effect. The design is also strong enough to be simplified but to still stand out in states that don’t allow certain images on the packaging.”
About MC Brands, LLC
Originally founded by Bob Eschino, Rick Scarpello, Derek Cumings and Joshua Fink in 2010, Medically Correct, LLC (whose IP is licensed by MC Brands, LLC) has grown into Colorado’s highest-volume and most nationally awarded cannabis-infused product manufacturing company. The business’s reputation for high-quality extracts and product innovation, and its investment in long-term growth, has solidified incredibles’ position as an industry leader.
With a combined 30 years in business development and food production expertise, Eschino and Scarpello shared a fundamental goal of bringing professional and consistent edibles to the cannabis marketplace. They are still equally passionate about delivering reliable products focused on product safety, extraction purity, ingredient quality, lab testing and compliant packaging.
incredibles’ mission is to advocate on behalf of the cannabis industry and help propel it forward. Featuring a full line of THC-infused terpene-rich cannabis products, incredibles, incredible Extracts® and incredible Wellness® continue to lead the industry in innovative chocolates, vape pens, extracts and confections with more product lines in development.
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