Apotheca Systems Reveals AI Platform for Cannabis Assisted Psychotherapy

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VANCOUVER, B.C. – Apotheca Systems Inc. (“Apotheca” or “the Company”), an applied AI for evidence based natural medicines company with an emphasis on AI assistance for cannabis and psychedelic based therapy, is pleased to announce the next development phase of its patent pending AI Assisted Personalized Therapy Framework Platform, Apotheca.ai.

With the promise of psychedelic medicine moving into the mainstream, Apotheca is strategically positioned to help enhance the lives of those seeking effective mental health treatment through cannabis, psychedelics and psychedelic-enhanced psychotherapy. Mental disorders increasingly contribute to the global burden of disease, with huge socio-economic costs. Globally, more than 264 million people of all ages suffer from depression. Women are twice as likely as men to develop PTSD during their lifetime, and three times as likely to develop the disorder annually. These numbers are forecasted to increase significantly during the global pandemic.


Apotheca’s new platform is dedicated to the alleviation of this global crisis by leveraging data and machine learning to help therapists, health professionals and their clients cost effectively embrace and engage new personalized therapies and evidence based natural medicines in mental health treatment. “In the last few years, we have seen incredible new research results and advances in our understanding of how these compounds work in the brain. This evidence is changing how we look at mental health treatment.” stated Chris Boothroyd, Apotheca Systems CEO.

He continued “We believe it is time to begin applying the concepts of personalized precision medicine, AI and cross disciplinary research to better understand and predict how individual genetics, biological phenotypes and mental states align with responses to these new interventions. This will enable us to offer a better decision support system for therapists and their clients, to deliver the best set of statistically derived therapy framework options for mental health treatment.”

Apotheca began by adopting the principles of the new medical movement towards personalized and precision health. At the core of this movement is a holistic approach to medicine, looking at the individual as a tightly bound biological interplay of genetics, the body and the mind, how these three things work together to make us who we are and the acceptance that every individual’s therapy is unique.

Using this approach, the Apotheca.ai platform leverages permissioned and anonymized cannabis and psychedelic clinical trial and therapy data to drive its machine learning process. This is used to help create a unique biomarker profile of each individual across genetics, phenotypes and cognitive states, and predict which therapy framework configurations will be most effective. This includes client intake, harm reduction, set and setting, therapy, post therapy integration and longitudinal follow-up.

“Our platform is the first to tackle the need for AI assisted therapy personalization head on. We have found a way to harness everyone’s uniqueness, to better predict and identify highly effective therapy frameworks for individuals.” stated Kirsten Tomilson, Apotheca Chief Research Officer. ”Apotheca has found a way to statistically predict the effectiveness of many different possible therapy framework configurations and step away from a monolithic drug centric approach. One size does not fit all.”

The Apotheca.ai platform offers a secure collaborative environment and toolset for the therapist to work with the client for biomarker collection and the personalization of their therapy framework. The platform will be free to use for therapists, health professionals and clients, with subscription options available to further customize therapy framework planning, sessions and follow-up.

“We were inspired by the early research we started in 2017 in the cannabis space and decided to quickly build the Apotheca team, file the first applied AI patent and figure out how to scale the personalization and optimization of outcomes across many different conditions.” said Boothroyd. “Apotheca is proud to say that we are now at the stage where we are expanding the early platform development to include more cannabis and psychedelic ecosystem partners who share this vision. It’s time to bring the power of AI to therapists and reinforce the importance of their critical role in the maintenance of good health.”

Apotheca is looking for other like-minded ecosystem partners to join the platform and help build an important step in the use of AI and personalized precision medicine for the treatment of mental health. Interested parties should contact [email protected] for partner program details and further information.

ABOUT Apotheca Systems
Apotheca.ai is pioneering in the new field of Applied AI for Evidence Based Natural Medicines by harnessing the power of personalized precision medicine, health informatics and artificial intelligence. Apotheca’s AI Assisted Therapy & Discovery Framework platform is being built to provide a fully collaborative suite of therapy framework personalization tools, giving therapists and their clients the best possible recommendations for a complete longitudinal therapy configuration. Permissioned and anonymized data is collected to drive the machine learning process, to provide high efficacy therapy framework recommendations and predict new areas of biological systems research and new intervention candidates. Learn more at: www.apotheca.ai