Agrify Offers New Data Insights Through Partnership with Confident Cannabis

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BURLINGTON, Mass. – Agrify Corporation (NasdaqCM:AGFY) (“Agrify” or the “Company”), today announced a new partnership with Confident Cannabis, the only cannabis B2B wholesale platform powered by verified lab data, that should seamlessly integrate Confident Cannabis’ lab data with Agrify Insights™, allowing cannabis cultivators to augment and improve certain processes to optimize the chemical composition of plants while cultivating at scale.

For the first time, Agrify and Confident Cannabis users can see how cultivation inputs correlate with the final chemotypic expression of their crops in a streamlined and automated way. These powerful data insights should provide operators with a deeper understanding of how indoor growing conditions like humidity, VPD (vapor pressure deficit), lighting, and temperature impact the cannabis plant’s terpene and cannabinoid profiles. The seamless and automated data integration also eliminates tedious manual entry and potential for human error.


“With this data, we believe cultivators will be able to decipher how certain growing environments affect the plant’s chemical composition,” said Raymond Chang, Chief Executive Officer of Agrify. “This partnership will allow our clients to understand the cultivation process necessary to achieve their desired targets, whether it’s a better yield, higher terpene expression, or a variety of other objectives. We’re thrilled to partner with Confident Cannabis to provide even more value to our clients in terms of consistency, quality, and reliability at scale.”

“The chemical ratio of a cannabis plant is a function of its genetics and its growing environment, so understanding how different climates affect its chemical profile is crucial to optimizing output,” added Steve Albarran, Co-CEO of Confident Cannabis. “Our integration with Agrify empowers cannabis growers to produce plants with the desired chemical profiles, furthering our shared mission to simplify cannabis wholesale testing and trade to help bring trust and transparency to the cannabis industry.”

The rise of CBD and other minor cannabinoids for numerous health and wellness conditions, such as CBN and its sleep-inducing effects, has led product manufacturers to seek out plants higher in certain compounds than others. The ability for cultivators to use data to better understand how certain growing conditions and processes influence the final chemical expression allows them to produce plants of greater value.

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