The Power of the Dunlevie Man

Dunlevie, vape

Oscar Mackey on the Dunlevie Man and the importance of the brand’s aesthetic.

Ad creative: Our creative director is Steve Feinberg. He is both a good friend and also a partner in the business. All our visual content is curated and approved by him. The ads were shot by Los Angeles-based photographer James Lozeau.

The Dunlevie Man: The model’s name is Kodi Baker. We met him on an open call for our first photo shoot. We didn’t realize how well-known he was until later—we only paid a fraction of his usual rate—but it turned out he answered our casting call out of curiosity and a love for the industry. He is now both a brand ambassador and friend. We are also very fortunate to have worked with several talented women, but we haven’t created a singular campaign around anyone but Kodi yet.

Brand aesthetic: To be sure, our brand aesthetic is important to us, and I believe it is vital to our growth. Simple ads and smart media is the theme for this first campaign, and ultimately the marketing reflects a certain amount of our own identity and place in the market. At its core, Dunlevie is a lifestyle brand. It is meant to convey a life that most people would want. Dunlevie inspires success and aspires to reward.

Birch packaging: We came up with the birch idea in our first meeting two years ago. We really wanted to correctly represent the quality of the product within. So, we compared existing packaging while weighing cost and environmental concerns, and in the end we chose re-usable and compostable birch packaging—luxury and responsibility combined.

Hardwood carry case: In 2017, we will be offering Dunlevie by the case so customers can get several units in our beautiful cases, which are currently for display only. We are also offering a thin, hardwood carry case so you can throw your Dunlevie pen in your purse or pocket while fully-assembled.

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