Peru Legalizes Medical Marijuana

Peru Legalizes Medical Marijuana

Peru’s Congress voted overwhelmingly to approve medical marijuana.

In another victory for the reform movement, Peru has legalized the use of medical marijuana.

Yesterday, the Peruvian Congress approved the measure by a vote of 68-5. The bill was initially proposed by President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski.

The new law will allow for marijuana oil to be produced, imported, and commercialized in Peru. Residents will be permitted to use medical marijuana to treat a number of ailments that will be included on a qualified list of conditions including cancer, epilepsy, and Parkinson’s disease.

Momentum has been building in Peru to legalize medical marijuana for a long time but really gained speed in February after government agents conducted a controversial raid on a marijuana producer. A lab that made marijuana oil for sick children was shut down, causing a significant backlash with the public.

Congressman Alberto de Belaunde was one of the most prominent voices in calling for Peru to legalize medical marijuana. The Congressman is now calling for the text of the new law to be published and released to the public in order to field suggestions and feedback from Peru residents.

De Belaunde was pleased with the vote in Congress and sent out a celebratory tweet.

The tweet translates in English to “We did it! Historical moment for Congress and the country: Legal medicinal cannabis.”