Peregrine Manufacturing Officially Launching at CannaCon Detroit

Peregrin Manufacturing, mg Magazine June 2018

DETROIT, Mich. – Peregrine Manufacturing, a multi-line production facility that specializes in processing, distribution and packaging of cannabis infused products and concentrates will make its official debut June 1st at CannaCon Detroit. Peregrine was co-founded by Patrick Kinney and Craig Terrell, two entrepreneurs that have been active in the cannabis market since 2010.

“We decided to launch Peregrine with a simple philosophy of providing provisioning centers and their patients with high quality, safe, and accurately dosed cannabis products. We focus on producing meticulously grown flower, high end concentrates including a full line of vape cartridges, and amazing edibles, tinctures and topicals, including CBD. Our products are accurately and attractively packaged and compliant with current laws, making them ready to fly off provisioning center shelves” said Craig Terrell, Peregrine Co-Founder.

“My extensive manufacturing background is being put to great use at Peregrine. We leverage all of the time-tested and effective techniques to ensure quality, consistency, and safety” said Co-founder Patrick Kinney.

Peregrine will be in booth 226 at CannaCon from June 1st through the 2nd.