Mike Tyson is Building a Cannabis Ranch in California

Mike Tyson Marijuana Ranch

The former heavyweight champion has already broke ground on a 40-acre “cannabis resort” in California City.

Former boxing star Mike Tyson is looking to become a champion of a new industry. He is seeking to open a “cannabis resort” in California City, about 110 miles north of Los Angeles according to The Blast. One of the primary goals of the “Tyson Ranch” will be to serve military personnel seeking relief with cannabis.

Half of the property’s 40 acres will be dedicated to a grow operation. Tyson envisions having a staff of master growers working the land. The ranch will also include facilities to educate both experienced and new growers. There will also be an “edible factory,” an amphitheater, and an area for attendees to camp in glamorous style, or “glamping.” Growers will also be able to purchase supplies at a horticulture store located on the ranch.

At the recent groundbreaking for the ranch, Tyson was joined by his business partners, Robert Hickman and Jay Strommen, and California City Mayor Jennifer Wood. Mayor Wood is hoping the ranch can bring about a “rebirth.” Since its development, California City was never as vibrant or popular as its creators expected.

Hickman echoed Wood’s sentiments and told The Blast that the “undeveloped lands” in California City “are primed to be cultivated.”


Check out The Blast’s video showing ranch’s groundbreaking: