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CoolJarz Hermetic Seal Sealing Machine

California-Based CoolJarz believes it has created the "easiest and most professional airtight, odor-proof, tamper-proof, and barrier packaging ever." Easy enough for all budtenders to use, it will save time and hassle—all for only $299. COOLJARZ.COM
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Modernism, Minimalism & Medical in Chicago

CHICAGO’S FIRST MEDICAL SHOP, DISPENSARY 33, OPENS WITH AN AIR OF ‘ORGANIC ELEGANCE,’ LINES OUT THE DOOR and 401K/HEALTH BENEFITS FOR EMPLOYEES When the owners of Dispensary 33—Zachary Zises, Kristie Zises, and Paul Lee—opened the...
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Sparking the Senses

Evoxe Laboratories burst into the vape marketplace with a mantra of innovation, simplicity, communication and strategic partnerships. In December 2015, Evoxe Laboratories, developers of advanced cannabis consumption technologies, announced it would partner with award-winning CBD...
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The Year of Lord Jones

“We make great efforts to ensure Lord Jones products deliver best-in-class results on all three fronts: visual appeal, unsurpassed taste, and cannabis superiority.”—Robert Rosenheck According to founder Robert Rosenheck, the secret to Lord Jones’s success...
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All in the Family

“We run our chocolate factory the same way Godiva runs their chocolate factory.” –Ata Gonzalez A solid brand built on a foundation of family underscores G Farma’s success. G FarmaLabs has been in business for only...
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Debunking The Myth of CBD Legality

"CBD legality is perhaps more confusing and misunderstood than any other legal issue, even among attorneys with vast experience in cannabis law." At a recent cannabis business conference, I was struck by the prevalence of...
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SEC: Help or Hindrance?

SEC regulators want to help the industry grow—but they are watching it carefully. The number of businesses going public in a specific industry usually marks the maturity and health of that industry. From an investor...
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Why Is Corporate Responsibility Important?

By Michael Ray The founder of Bloom Farms makes a powerful argument for ethical leadership by an industry actively seeking to change societal perceptions about what it is and what it does. Why is corporate social...
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Greenbox24: Could This Be The End Of Budtenders?

Designed to be vandal-proof with membership authenticated by fingerprint and facial recognition, the 24/7 self-service GreenBox24 automated budtender is out to modernize customer experience, wait times, and productivity. Just as large pharmacy chains have drive-through...
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Brings some color and merriment to your dispensary with the PocketDisc. A cross between a hippie hat and an old-school hackey sack, the PocketDisc, made in Guatemala, first appeared at festivals like Bonnaroo and...