Ricardo Baca: Cannabis Is an ‘Exit Drug’ for Opioid Crisis

Ricardo Baca TEDx mg magazine Oct 2018

mg columnist Ricardo Baca recently urged a TEDx audience to hit the reset button on attitudes about cannabis. Punctuating his remarks with humor, Baca delivered the straight dope about cannabis’s potential for intervening in the opioid epidemic decimating American communities. Erroneously labeled a “gateway drug” that could lead to abusing harder substances, cannabis functions more like an “exit drug,” Baca said during the presentation. He backed up his assertion with evidence provided by recent research.

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Baca, a veteran journalist, was the founding editor of The Cannabist, The Denver Post‘s groundbreaking weed publication. When The Cannabist was redesigned to aggregate instead of break news due to budget cuts and a shift in focus at the Post, Baca departed and founded Grasslands: A Journalism-minded Agency, which handles public relations, content marketing, social media, events, and thought leadership in legal cannabis and other industries.