ONA Seniors Launch Event Features Aunt Zelda’s Co-Founder Mara Gordon

ONA Lif Seniors Event Mara Gordon

It was a night full of good vibes: healthy food, new friends, and a lot of educational information about cannabis for seniors.

ONA.life, founded by siblings Nurit and Aviv Raphael, recently partnered with Marin County natives Marsha Celler and Barbara Berling to create ONA Seniors, a series of monthly educational events for seniors throughout the Bay Area.


The kick-off event took place last week in Mill Valley, Calif., and featured a presentation by Mara Gordon, co-founder of Aunt Zelda’s, Calla Spring Wellness, and Zelda Therapeutics, on Sleep + Pain. Gordon explained the different cannabinoids, dosing, and all of the available cannabis delivery methods. The rapt audience was full of questions: What do the ratios mean? Is vape smoke okay? How do you read the labels? How do you figure out the proper dose? Can you overdose? What’s the difference between tinctures and edibles and oils?

The feedback from attendees after the event was full of gratitude and excitement about trying cannabis products, especially Aunt Zelda’s sleep tincture.

ONA Seniors is clearly an idea whose time has come. “I was personally honored to know that these two incredible ladies (friends for 40 years) who both passionately believe in the medicinal values of cannabis, wanted to help spread education to the senior demographic,” said Nurit. “The Baby Boomers are known to have the biggest growth in cannabis use. It’s unfortunate to see their daily opioids intake.” Added Marsha, “We started ONA seniors because it was important to us to educate seniors on the medical use of cannabis as another option for health and well being.”

Photos by Mike Rosati: