Green Goddess Village at the Meadowlands Retreat (Photo Gallery)

Ashley Picillo, Chelsey McKrill, and Andrea Brooks at Green Goddess Village female leadership panel at Meadowlands Retreat
Ashley Picillo (Founder, Point7Group), Chelsey McKrill (Chief Development Officer, Kikoko), and Andrea Brooks (Founder & CEO, SAVA) Image: Mike Rosati for mg.

Goddess power was on glorious display at the second annual Meadowlands Retreat, hosted by Meadow, the Y-Combinator startup building point-of-sale software for California dispensaries, earlier this month in Mendocino.

Billed as an “annual retreat designed to build a united and collaborative cannabis community,” the four-day retreat featured ample opportunities to connect, learn, and most importantly, recharge.


The Green Goddess Village got it right when it came to all three. It featured reiki, facials, a tea lounge, and a storyteller’s den where cannabis industry tales were captured on video and via a patchwork quilt (a nod to the region’s hallowed hippie roots). Under the redwoods, teams from female-owned cannabis brands Elevate Herbs, Garden Society, Kikoko, Moon Made Farms, Paradigm Cannabis Group, Point7Group, SAVA, and Supernova Women mingled and met new friends and new strains.

Following a chanting, meditation, and CBD vape pen conscious consumption session led by Eliza Maroney (the Cannabis Yogi), a Feminine Leadership Round Table tackled how the industry can collectively build a stronger community and support women to become leaders in all phases of their careers. Karen Biswas from Meadow moderated the discussion between top bosses from the brands mentioned above.

Tina Gordon, founder of Moon made Farms, summed up the vibe of the Village when she declared, “The feminine essence of this plant has the potential to bring balance globally.”


See the pics by Mike Rosati, below.